Kobe Bryant Dream Team Comments Start Debate

Kobe Bryant Dream Team Comments

Sport debates will always circulate around players, coaches, and teams, that is the beauty of the wide world of sports everyone has their own opinion. There is a extremely hot basketball debate going on in the past week, and it stems from a comment stated by USA star guard Kobe Bryant. About a week ago while at practice in Las Vegas for the USA Olympic squad Bryant took some time to talk to reporters in which he voiced his opinion on a certain issue.

“I think this year squad could beat the 1992 dream team,” Bryant said in a statement.

He explained that even though they had a lot more size than the current team, they also were a lot older and kind of at the end of their careers.

“We have a bunch of young racehorses that are very eager to compete, so I think it would be a tough game with the 1992 team, but I think we’d pull it out,” Bryant said.

I don’t know if Bryant was just talking to stir up conversation, but his comments have sent thousands of sports fan and Hall of famers into big debates, including members of the dream team.

It did not take long for one of the most outspoken member of the dream team to weigh in on this debate.

“Besides Kobe, Lebron, and Kevin Durant I don’t think anyone else on their team would have made the 1992 team,” Charles Barkley in a radio interview with ESPN.

Barkley’s comment was just the tip of the iceberg as Micheal Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Magic Johnson all took turns responding to Kobe comments over the span of a week.

“I absolutely laughed when I heard Kobe remarks, for him to compare those two teams is not one of the smarter things he ever could have done,” 6-Time NBA champion Micheal Jordan said.Dream Debate Team Would Beat

“Whenever they get 11 Hall of Famers you call and ask me who had the better Dream Team,remember they learned from us we didn’t learn from them.” Jordan said

Pippen mentioned in a interview that the dream team would easily win by 25 points, while magic piggy backed on that and said maybe not 25 but it would certainly be a double digit win for us.

On July 12, 2012 Kobe added onto his comment in response to what Jordan’s answer to what team is better.

“I’m not really tripping, Jordan knows I am a bad mother[Expletive], if you’re asking me can we beat them one game then hell yeah we can, you never said it had to be a 7-game series, but for one game yeah we can beat them no question about it,” Brant said

Lets try to put things in perspective for a moment and take a look at both team resumes as well as breakdown who exactly would guard who in a exhibition game if it was possible. First off the 1992 Dream team may arguably be the greatest team to ever be assembled in sports history, when you take a look at their Olympic run they had a average margin of victory of 43 points. The squad included 11 Hall of Famers which lead the team to a perfect 8-0 record at the Olympics, and one fact that is the most shocking is that during the entire Olympics team USA never called a timeout according to NBA.

For the 2012 team it is undetermined as to how good or great they will be, but with a 54 point route of lack luster Dominican Republic they have got off to a good start. The team includes 3 NBA champions, 5 of the top NBA players, a handful of scoring championships, All-defense specialist, while also having a much younger, and faster squad than the 1992 team.

When you take a look at the possible starting lineup and match ups you have what would be the game for the ages.

Lets start with the point guard match up, you would have Chris Paul guarding Magic Johnson. Chris Paul would have youth and quickness on his side as he is only 26 while Johnson was 32 at the 1992 games. However Johnson has the size advantage and would be a better re-bounder.

The shooting guard match up might be the best match up of them all as you have Kobe Bryant going at Micheal Jordan. As career stats go the match up may seem closer than people may think. Jordan averaged 30 points per game, while Kobe is averaging a close 25 points per game, the age would actually favor Jordan as he was 29 during the Olympics while Kobe is 34. They both are insanely gifted scores who can get off at any given time so it would be a great match up.

Small Forward you would have Lebron James and Scottie Pippen. Looking at the career average for points, Lebron would have the advantage by quite a big margin as he is averaging 27 points per game while Pippen averaged 16 points per game.

Power Forward you would have Kevin Durant VS Charles Barkley, I would think that Barkley would certainly have the physical advantage, but Durant is a dangerous clutch shooter that posses a threat every time he has the ball.

Finally the Center position Tyson Chandler VS Patrick Ewing, I don’t think Chandler would have a chance against Ewing post game and defense, but Chandler does have good foot work and can shoot the ball at a high percentage in the paint.

Will there you have it a “Dream” match up of old school vs new school, so who do you think would win the game?

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