Mont Blanc Avalanche Claims 9 Lives, Others Still Missing


Mont Blanc Avalanche

Mother nature is nothing to mess around with, she can cause major damage, injuries, and the unfortunate death.  On Thursday July 12, 2012 a group of 28 climbers from 6 different countries were on an expedition that was going to take them to the top of mountain Blanc in Europe.  About half of the group recognized dangerous weather conditions occurring on top of the mountain and decided to turn back around. Unfortunately, other members of the group decided to continue climbing but around 13,000 feet the group ran into trouble.

A huge slab of ice fell off the top of the mountain causing the speedy avalanche to make its way down the steep mountain. With hardly no time to react the group was swallowed up and swept away by the avalanche separating the whole group in the process. When the rapid avalanche had stopped and medical authorities were contacted, it was reported that 9 individuals died another 11 were injured, while four were still missing at the time according to MSN.

Three of the dead were reported as being from Germany according to the German Foreign Ministry, while another two of the dead were reported to be from Spain.

”Three days ago, a group of us ascended Mount Maudit(Part of Mount Blanc) it was shocking to hear, it could easily have been us, it is such a scaring tragedy,” Danish climber Jonas Moestrup told the Danish news agency Ritzau.

He also went on to mentioned something that struck me as a little odd, but then again I am not a mountain climber so I would not know where he was coming from. Moestrup told the Ritzau that even though climbing that type of mountain is very dangerous, its the excitement of climbing one of the biggest Mountains in Europe that he gets a kick out of.

”It is part of the thrill that something can go wrong,” Moestrup said.

Unfortunately Mount Blanc is notorious for claiming dozens of lives each year, but yet more and more adventitious climbers make the daring but popular expedition to the top of the mountain every year.

The historic alpine city of Chamonix is where the mountains are home too, and what is interesting is that the city had clear weather all week long including Thursday.

“We had no more reason today than usual to be alarmed,” Mayor of Chamonix Jean-Louis Verdier said in a statement.

He also mentioned that although the weather in the city was not threatening, the actual mountain has big plates of snow where an avalanche has the potential of occurring at any moment, he went on to voice his opinion in a statement.

“This morning we had no reason to expect an avalanche of this size and such a tragedy.” Verdier said.

Officials and medical personal are still looking for the missing climbers.

Rescue crews search for avalanche victims

A deadly avalanche on the mountain of Blanc in the French alps claimed the lives of 9 people, search crews are still looking for at least four other people that were involved in the avalanche, while 11 other individuals are being treated for their injuries.

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