Device Called Picosecond Programmable Laser Set for 2013 May Take Away Self-Privacy

Picosecond Programmable Laser Scanner

Navigating your way through a busy airport can be challenging for some people, the long lines, flight cancellations and unflattering airport scanners can be the annoying part of going to an airport. With advance technology taking over society and the world, an unprecedented technology device is set to make its way into airports across the United States starting next year. The regular scanners individuals have to go through at airports are inline to get a major upgrade next year.

The department of homeland security has a reputation to uphold to protect this nation at all cost, with the newest technology by Genia Photonics they look to make airports safer. Homeland security will be inter grating a new laser scanner that will be in every airport across the nation. This is not your ordinary scanner though, the device is called the Picosecond Programmable Laser and it can detect literally anything on a person according to MSN. The device can detect anything from small amounts of drugs and gun powder on a persons clothes, to what a person has in his stomach and even the amount of adrenaline flowing through their body.

That is not the only shocking revelation about this laser device it also has long range to, as it can search people up to 164 feet. The long range might be beneficial as it looks to  limit or remove the actual physical searches done in the past.  The device has the ability to search multiple individuals at the same time, while also eliminating random searches at airports according to CBS. The device has been reported to be 10 million times faster, along with being 1 million times more sensitive than any of the scanners used in airports today. This new laser device will not only be used in airports, it will be used in government buildings along with border crossings.

Something that I found interested was that this device was not only made for airports, government buildings or border crossings, it was designed for medical  purposes according to MEDIAITE. It was designed to identify individual cancer cells and even small molecules of harmful chemicals.

So as Picosecond Programmable Laser machine gets developed more and finned tune, will 2013 be the year that we lose some self-privacy at airports?

Picosecond Programmable Laser

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  1. This will catch 1 or 2 terrorists.

    It will also catch millions of p0t smokers and other harmless “criminals”.

    Who wins here?

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