Water Addiction: Sasha Kennedy Drinks Six Gallons Daily

Excessive Water Drinking

Drinking water is part of everyone’s everyday diet; we need it to survive, but to have an addiction and to drink six gallons everyday, that is unheard of. It’s hard enough to drink the recommended 6-8 glasses of water, let alone six gallons.

Sasha Kennedy from Southend-on-Sea, Essex, in the U.K, does just that. She has a water addiction and drinks up to six gallons daily. Because of her water addiction, she has to use the restroom up to 40 times a day. When you are drinking that much water in that amount of time, you better believe you are getting up during the night and going too.

Sasha Kenndey says, “The most sleep I’ve ever had is about an hour and 15 minutes, because I am getting up to drink or nip to the loo.”

She’s even quit jobs because the lack of quality in their water. Sasha says, “If I feel my mouth start to get dry I have to get my next fix of water, it’s all I can focus on. People never really think anyone can drink that much until they get to know me, then they just cannot believe their eyes.

“I feel thirsty pretty much all the time and always have to be sipping water, it’s an addictive habit,” she added.

Sasha Kennedy’s water addiction came when she was two years old. She began to beg her parents for more water. When they realized she kept wanting so much water all the time, they took her to see a doctor. After a medical examination, Doctors confirmed that there was nothing wrong with her.

Her excessive water drinking kept growing as she got older. By the time she was six years old, her parents were having to place a plastic water jug full of water next to her bed every night. Sometimes, she would be so thirsty, she would have to refill it in the middle of the night.

By the time Sasha Kennedy was 13-years old, she was drinking upwards of three gallons a day. Sasha Kennedy told The Sun, “By that stage my parents had got rid of the jug by my bed at night and replace it with a five-liter plastic container. I would even sometimes refill that during the night.”

She continued, “I began smoking as a teenager as well and that made things worse. My mouth felt drier. When I was 16 and left school I started work in a shoe shop stockroom and everyone began to notice how much I drank. They ended up moving the water cooler next to my desk. People started to get sick of changing the water.”

She began to work at home for a telecoms company in 2007. She said, “I found I was drinking more because I was not self-conscious about going up and getting water in front of colleagues. I was drinking about 25 liters a day and my work mates were so concerned they told me to go to hospital and get checked out. But they could not find anything wrong. I only start feeling ill if I don’t drink – my mouth gets really dry.”

Sasha added, “Going on holiday is a nightmare, too. If I go somewhere hot like Spain I have to take bottles of water around with me, it can be quite expensive.”

Drinking too much water can be deadly because it can trigger hyponatremia, a condition where the amount of salts in the blood become too diluted. This leads to the brain cells being flooded with water, leading to confusion, fits and even death. Drinking excessive amounts of water can also lead to loss of sleep as people have to get up in the night, and studies have shown it can even cause kidney damage, instead of preventing it.

Image Credit: The Sun UK

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