Florida Lifeguard, Tomas Lopez Fired for Saving a Life

Tomas Lopez Fired

Police officer, Fireman, Doctor, lifeguards are just a few occupations that can either help protect or save a person’s life. Now what if I told you that a person that is in the life saving business got fired for actually saving another human being life, would you believe me? Well believe it or not a Lifeguard at Halladale Beach, Florida recently got fired for leaving his post to go save 19 year old  Estonia native, Maksim Samartsev from drowning. After saving the man’s life, 21 year old Tomas Lopez found out quickly that he was being relieved of his lifeguard duties from his supervisors at Jeff Ellis Management, a private company because he left his assigned post without warning. The firm that decided to fire him released a statement as to why they felt the need to fire him.

In the statement they mentioned that lifeguards leaving their designated areas present a liability issue. It did not take long before all the workers, Lopez family, and the media heard about what had happened. When the other lifeguards found out what happened, a handful of them actually quite their job in support of Lopez, while other lifeguards acted in ways that would get them fired as well. There was no question that when the media got hold of the story the company would  have an issue on hand for sure.

“What we’re basically supposed to do is watch them die.” Fellow lifeguard Zoard Janko said in a statement to ABC News.

Florida Lifeguard Fired

After the tremendous out-pour of support for Lopez,  the owner of the safety contractor firm Jeff Ellis and his group were force to review the case in more detail. While the firm was busy looking over the case and determining if they acted inappropriate, Lopez was busy receiving loads of attention along with several recognition’s. The 21 year old received International  recognition for his determination and bravery, along with receiving the Key to the city for his outstanding courage, according to WPTV.

“All I did was what I was supposed to do, someone needed my help I wasn’t going to say no, all guards would have done the same ” Lopez said in a statement during a short Ceremony

The 19 year old man that he saved could not speak English, but his father wanted to express his gratitude to Lopez as he sought him out during the brief ceremony.

“Thank you for saving my son’s life you are now his brother you are now also my son. Thank you.” Samartsev father Ivan Samartsev said.

After about a week of looking over the case the firm released a statement to the media.

“Despite our record of safety, Unfortunately the mishandling of the Tomas Lopez incident has undermined public confidence, and  we want to do the right thing and enable the city to move forward with a new vendor.” Ellis said.

The company offered to give Lopez as well as other lifeguards that assisted in the drowning rescue their jobs back, they all declined.

Lifeguard Fired for Saving Life

Tomas Lopez, fired for saving a man. We NEED Tort Reform

Tomas Lopez talks with Fox & Friends about his firing as a Life Guard because he went out of his “Zone” to help save a drowning man.

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