Chevy Confidence Program: “Love it or Return it” Launched on 2012 and 2013 Models

Chevy Total Confidence Commercial

Starting Tuesday, July 10 Chevy will offer their confidence program that includes the “Love it or Return it” policy promise on all 2012 or 2013 model years.

Customers can return the vehicle they bought during the program which runs from July 10 through September 4, if they don’t like it. The vehicle can’t be driven more than 4,000 miles; it has to be undamaged and must be returned 30 to 60 days from the purchase date.

Included in the Chevy confidence program comes the no-haggle program that pledges to offer 2012 vehicles at the “best possible prices” in addition to current incentives, the company said in the statement. “No mystery about it — the price you see is the price you pay,” GM said.

Rebecca Lindland, an industry analyst with IHS Automotive, said the new Chevy promotion, Chevy Confidence, address two things car shoppers dread: haggling and commitment. “Americans aren’t great at haggling and we are expected to do so on the two biggest purchases we face: real estate and autos,” she told Bloomberg. “This Chevrolet Confidence program alleviates the issue of haggling and eliminates ‘buyer’s remorse.’”

In a 60-second TV commercial, GM has narriator Tim Allen explain, “Chevrolet had the greatest year in our history last year, and we’re making our highest quality, most advanced cars ever,” Allen says in the commercial. “But judge for yourself. if you’re not happy with your new Chevy, return it.”

Chris Perry, Chevrolet’s global vice president of marketing, who also developed Hyundai Assurance when he was leading marketing at the Korean automaker said in a statement, “Our research shows consumers are reassured of the quality of a product and like the peace of mind that comes with knowing they have the option of being able to return their vehicle.”

He added, “We have transformed the Chevrolet lineup, so there is no better time than now to reach out to new customers with a satisfaction guarantee and very attractive, bottom line pricing.  We think customers who have been driving competitive makes or even older Chevrolets will be very pleased by today’s Chevrolet designs, easy-to-use technologies, comprehensive safety and the quality built into all of our cars, trucks and crossovers”

Chevy Confidence “Love It or Return It”

With Chevy’s Love It or Return It Guarantee, If you’re not happy with your new Chevy, return it. We’re going the extra mile to ensure you’re satisfied long after you drive your Chevy home.

Chevy Confidence – 2012 – “Love It or Return It”

This video helps describe Chevrolet’s “Chevy Confidence” promotion that will be running from 7/9/12-9/4/12. It will be featuring some of Chevrolet’s lowest prices yet, PLUS a 60-day money back guarantee option labeled as “Love It or Return It”.

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