Steve Nash Lakers Move Adds The 16 Year Veteran On Team With Kobe [video]

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In the world of professional sports there are always those athletes that stay in their league for double digit years with one team. Then there are those athletes that spend Majority of their career with a team, but maybe because of business or the hunger for a championship moves them to a different city. Whatever the case may be a athlete staying in one city for his whole career is rare, but a veteran leaving a team to join forces with another veteran All-Star is not that rare at all. For Steve Nash he will be taking his talents to the fame and glorious Hollywood where he will play ball for the Los Angeles Lakers.

The 2 time NBA MVP, 6 time All-Star, and 16 year old veteran has just  signed a three year $27 million contract with the Lakers. The point guard spent his past eight  seasons with the Phoenix Suns the same team that drafted him 15th overall in the 1996 NBA draft. He spent his first two years of his career with the Suns before being traded to the Dallas Mavericks where he spent six years, before going back to Suns in 2004.

“After talking with owner Robert Sarver and president of basketball operations Lon Babby we’ve agreed that it’s time for both of us to move in new directions,” Nash said in a statement to ESPN.

Nash will join All-Star Kobe Bryant in what some are considering to be one of the missing pieces the Lakers need to contend for a title. In the trade the Suns received four draft picks overall with first round picks in 2013, 2015 and second round picks in 2013, 2014.  Besides the Lakers battling for the 16 year veteran, the New York Knicks, the Miami heat and even the Toronto Raptors were trying to obtain Nash. Even though the Raptors where trying to arguably get their best Canadian athlete to comeback home and play ball for them Nash decided to join the Lakers,but they were not particularly high on his list of teams he wanted to play for.

“The truth is I’m a bit old school for me, it would be hard to put on a Lakers jersey, That’s just the way it is,” Nash said

He also went on to mention that he has the up most respect for the Lakers and its organization, and that he really appreciates his old head coach and the Suns organization for doing the trade. A lot of over blown speculation has revolved around Steve Blake, the Lakers main point guard last season, and how he felt about now being a backup to Nash.

“I think it’s great!, I am looking forward to playing with him.” Blake said in Sports Radio Interviews.

With Nash being traded to the Lakers, Kevin Garnet staying with the Celtics, and Darion Williams staying with the nets, this is turning out to be one wild off season in the NBA.

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