Generators, Saws, Ice & Solar Panels Selling Out After Storms In Eastern US

Generators Sell Out From Storms on East Coast

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It’s now being reported that storms have caused at least 12 deaths in the Eastern United States when violent storms swept through last night. Saturday June 30th, 2012 is a rough day for many people in States like Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Washington DC, West Virginia and Ohio. Nearly 3 million people are without power and officials aren’t sure when they’ll be able to get power back on line.

Temperatures are supposed to be scorching and will mostly likely reach 100 degrees and above today. This has residents in storm hit states scrambling for solutions to try and keep their lives somewhat normal. Some residents are purchasing storm clean up products like saws & winches.

On Amazon a Smittybilt 97281 XRC-8 8,000 lbs Winch went from #5,291 seller on Amazon in Automotive shooting all the way up to #115 top seller in Automotive after the Northeast storm hit. There are thousands of downed trees all throughout the Northeast and people need heavy duty equipment to get the debris moved.

In the Zanesville Times Recorder they reported from Zanesville, Ohio that stores are selling out of saws and generators. One store owner from Beckert Power Equipment said it had sold out of all of their saws & generators and started the morning off with 40-50 saws in stock and 15-20 generators now all out the door. Another store American Pride has sold around 80 generators and has some chain-saws left but most heavy-duty ones are all gone.

Amazon is showing the same trend with generators with one model shooting up in the Lawn & Garden section selling at #1,210 and jumped up to the #90 top seller. But while everyone is rushing around trying to buy generators from hardware stores one thing stands out as a problem. Many gas stations are not selling gas because they have no power which keeps them from being able to pump gas in the pumps. It remains to be seen how people will fuel their generators that their purchasing to give their homes electricity and possibly some creature comforts like air conditioning.

It may be a sign of the times and changing tides of where people want to get their power but solar panels are seeing high sales numbers. We checked out the sales numbers on Amazon and that seems to be the #1 item that has changed in sales in the last 24 hours. Over 76,726% change in sales growth, now that’s pretty impressive. Directly after the storms hit the East Coast solar panels shot up with one model jumping on Amazon in Home & Kitchen from #135,708 seller to the #176 top seller. The same solar panel became a hit seller in the Patio, Lawn & Garden section moving from #29,593 to #45 top seller. People want renewable power in a time of crisis because it’s a lot easier than keep a generator full of gas.

Ice Selling Out After Storm

One thing you can’t buy off of Amazon has been a hit seller and started to show signs of selling out, ice. If you can’t get gas from gas stations most of them currently still have generators running and will sell you ice to keep things cold. Gas is limited and the ice is running out so if you need to keep things cold, get out and get your ice while it lasts.

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