Apple’s Siri vs. Google Search Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Voice Assistant

Siri Vs Google Jelly Bean

In Google I/O it was announced that Android will be updated from Ice Cream Sandwich to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Revolutionary improvements are set to help Google make some leaps ahead in all kinds of areas from usability, searching, voice transcription and more. In this head to head battle however the analysis is on the personalized voice assistants in Google & Apple done by Jon Rettinger from Techno Buffalo.

Watch the video battle below

Everyone has loved Siri, Apple’s voice assistant which has done the best job of introducing voice commands on a smart phone. Siri has won hands down against other voice assistants with it’s speed and accuracy. This time around however, the battle has changed and it seems that Google’s Android Jelly Bean pre-release is faster than Siri about bringing back answers.

Google has called part of their voice & virtual assistant product Google Now. While some reviewers have associated the Google search with Google Now, we are pretty sure from viewing the Google I/O presentation these are two different things. If you have some insights or opinions on the difference feel free to let us know in the comments.

Now some might say that this comparison showing Google’s Jelly Bean beating Siri at answer questions ins’t fair because this is an older version of Siri, but that’s not the case. The version of Siri used in the video below is Apple’s iOS 6 Beta Version compared to the Jelly Bean Android 4.1 Pre-release.

So why exactly is Google’s Jelly Bean kicking the snot out of Siri at answering questions? Theories are that since the translation & transcribing engines are cooked right into the operating system into the Smartphones Android 4.1 it doesn’t need to talk to servers to process the voice. The voice gets direct transcribing and is submitted to Google search for the correct answers.

Google has also built some custom products which Google has called the Google Knowledge Graph. This new product allows Google to feed questions and answers directly into this Knowledge Graph by displaying panels that provide the information accurately and quickly.

Besides just winning in the speed Google seems to have tamed the robotic voice beast. This time around with Jelly Bean Android 4.1 you will notice that the voice responses sound more human like and you might forget you’re talking to a robotic virtual assistant. At this point, Siri is still talking robot and quickly reminds you it’s not your friend answering questions but a smart phone!

Here’s the video below of Siri vs. Google Search

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  1. Great… the one thing that the iphone had better finally got trumped! Now what u got apple?

  2. I love my apple products, especially my iphone and siri. Having said that, it’s kind of interesting to see Google with voice assistance. It looks really good and on top of that it really makes me curious about the android platform. It seems it has come a long way. But, most likely I’ll wait on the Iphone 5.

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