Paula Deen Weight Loss Pics Reveal 30lbs Lost & 8 Sizes Dropped

Paula Dean Weight Loss Pics

Photo Credit: Paula Deen Hootsuite & Twitter

There is always a new weight loss plan hitting the bookstores, on magazine covers and a new celebrity is always touting their new way. The latest sensation is quite impressive no matter how you look at it though, Paula Deen has lost a lot of weight.

Paula Deen completely revealed all in this new issue of People Magazine. The front of the magazine cover is titled, “Paula Deen – How I Lost 30lbs!” and a teaser with “Exlusive Paula’s Get-Slim Recipes.” Next to a slim picture of Paula on the cover it says, “Wow! Once a size 18, now a 10.”

The introduction into Paula Deen’s weight loss secrets describes it as, “After her diabetes diagnosis, the southern chef finally changed her lifestyle and her pants size. Her secrets will surprise you!”

On Paula Deen’s Facebook account she announced the People Magazine interview and special cover at about 6:00pm. Paula asked her fans with a picture she shared, “Have y’all picked up your issue of People Magazine this week? It’s such an honor to be able to share my story with you. Thanks to everyone who shared the story yesterday!” A lot of people were really proud of Paula’s amazing weight loss transformation and just 2 hours after her post she had 10,940 likes on Facebook.

Paula Deen Facebook People Magazine

The first place that it seems like Paula turned to was her Twitter profile to announce the Cover on @peoplemag. Paula tweeted out the announcement and also thanked @mylastsupper for the photos.


You can see the picture above of Paula holding up the People Magazine issue at the top of this post that is in stores now. Paula is certainly proud of losing so many waist sizes in clothing and losing 30 pounds but everyone wants to see if fans are as excited. Some fans met Paula’s announcement about 6 months ago that she had Type 2 diabetes with skepticism since she had apparently had the disease for 3 years before the announcement. It has to be tough to keep a healthy image when being one of the world’s most famous Southern cooks.

People Magazine is pushing this week’s Paula Dean weight loss issue as well. They have a sneak peak at what you can find in this week’s issue telling people on page 92 you’ll find, “Top Celeb Chefs’ dish on BBQ must-haves.” There is a coupon that People is offering if you print it from your own printer to get $1 off this weeks issue.

Paula Deen Drops 2 Pant Sizes

The Food Network chef has dropped the pounds and reveals her secrets to weight loss

Paula Deen has type-2 diabetes

Paula Deen, known for her many decadent recipes as one of Television’s most infamous cooks, has revealed that she has type-2 diabetes.’s Ken Lombardi reports.

Paula Deen’s Diabetes Announcement Begins New “Healthy” Recipe Initiative.

Paula Deen’s long-professed love for butter may turn out to have been an abusive relationship. The famous Southern cook and Food Network star announced on NBCs Today show that she has Type 2 Diabetes. Her admission may not come as a surprise to some who have speculated that the decadent Deen has struggled with the disease which reportedly affects 79 million Americans and has been connected to lack of exercise, obesity, and, of course, diet. Deen told the Today audience that she waited three years to announce her diagnosis because she wanted to do so with a plan of action. Along with sons Bobby and Jaime, the celebrity chef will launch a campaign and a new set of lighter Deen recipes in partnership with diabetes medication manufacturer Novo Nordisk. Deep-fried stuffing on a stick and butter balls, your days are numbered in Paulas kitchen.

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  1. 30 pounds in 7 months = secret lipo.

  2. Sorry about that I meant shines not signs:) But I totally meant you are beautiful!

  3. You go girl! You look even more beatiful than before, you are beautiful no matter what size you are because your inner beauty always signs. Just keep cooking and be who you are:) God Bless You.

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