Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night Recreated With Dominoes

Vincent van Gogh Starry Night Dominos

If you have ever played with dominoes just to line them up and make them collapse into each other, you will certainly love this. This isn’t the first time but comes from a series of artistic creations by the famous FlippyCat Domino channel on YouTube.

This recreation was completed in about 11 hours of domino architectural design that took 7,067 dominos to make. The whole entire design, planning and creation is described on FlippyCat’s description of his video:

“I recreated Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night” from just over 7,000 dominos. The second attempt took about 11 hours total to build.

The first attempt failed, when I dropped a screw from the camera rig onto it. I was able to improve the swirling clouds better in the second attempt as a result though. I do not know how long the first attempt took, but I did not have any accidents building like I did in the second attempt!

There were 2 small breaks in the fall of this project. I did not complete the leading grey line and left out a domino which stopped the reaction in the bottom. The star that is left standing was very close to falling, but the first dominos held in place :(”

So there was a little disappointment in the design because it ultimately left the star standing. I don’t know about you though, this was pretty incredible to watch as the motion made the artistic work by Vincent van Gosh come alive with a real Starry Night unfolding before your eyes. We’ve also included some of FlippyCat’s other domino creation videos below too!

Starry Night – Vincent van Dominogh

Domona Lisa – The Mona Lisa Made From Dominoes

The Mona Lisa created using 4519 colored dominoes.

There were several small accidents while setting this up. The accidents during the setup process can be seen in the time lapse in the second half of the video.

After the fall, I used a paint roller to destroy it. I should have played that scene in reverse for the opening scene instead.

Real Life Angry Birds – Domino Theme Walkthrough

Google Chrominos – Google Chrome Icon Made From Dominos

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