Brava/AFT (autologous fat transfer) More Effective And Safer Than Normal Breast Implant Surgery


Brava Autologous Fat Transfer

When it comes to the world of cosmetic surgery & breast enhancements there are various options a person may take to get the results they have imagine. There is one surgery that is not only controversial, but has also been banned decades ago because there were not enough results and radiologist had a hard time figuring out the fat nodules from cancer cells.  However this new surgery option  is now resurfacing and becoming a a more common trend these days.

This new but at the same time old procedure is known as Brava/Autologous Fat Transfer which is a unique surgery to reconstruct the breast as mentioned in the American Society for Plastic Surgeon journal. This procedure is a little different than your average breast implant surgery, as it essentially adds another option for women who have undergone mastectomy and rather not deal with implants.

One thing that sets this procedure apart from receiving breast implants is rather than doctors using a scalpel to conduct the surgery, they use liposuction. After liposuction the detailed area is where it gets a little interesting, doctors actually use an external tissue expander called “Brava” to give the patient a revolutionary suction-pump bra according to MSNBC.

“This is definitely a difficult device to get used to; patients have to be willing to commit to it” Seattle plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Isik said in a statement.

He also mentioned something that caught my attention as he explained that with this new procedure and with the Brava, cancer survivors are now essentially able to grow new breast if they choose too. Unlike the same procedure done decades ago this new procedure looks to regenerate an organ without any incisions, while also not adding chemicals and foreign objects as well.

Although just like any other surgery there are complications, but with this surgery the complications are minimum compared to other popular ones. Doctors have explained that with cutting edge technology now the Brava/AFT is by far the most advanced when it comes to fat transfer procedures, the actual Brava creates a better “Natural feeling” to the breast now.

“With the Brava/AFT procedure it allows the patient to have what is called body sculpting where the body is totally re-molded by vat-grown tissues, we also can take fat from a patients belly, back or thighs for the procedure,” Isik said.

A patient had the chance to voice their opinion on the Brava/AFT surgery they recently got done on them.

“The best way to describe it is that you feel like you’ve been hit by a truck, but the good thing is my down time was very little and I was walking immediately and was back to playing tennis within two to three weeks” 58-year-old retired teacher and breast cancer survivor Jeanne Reid said.

“I couldn’t believe that the morning after I wore the Brava sensation to my chest came back, and I was literally ecstatic about my new boobs,” Reid said.

So as this updated procedure starts to resurface yet again, let us see if it will stay around without getting banned again. Video Discussion: Scott Spear, MD on Brava & Autologous Fat Transfer in Breast

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