48,000 Participate in Susan G. Koman Race June 23rd, 2012 in St. Louis, MO

Susan G Komen Race

There are many different benefit cancer events that take place around not only the nation, but the whole world every year. However there may not be any bigger than the Susan G. Komen race for the cure in St. Louis which just happens to be my home town. The Susan G. Komen race for the cure is an annual event that takes place in St. Louis that helps build awareness of breast cancer, while also raising money to find a cure for the cancer as well. What also makes this event special is that it celebrates those that have battled cancer and survived and also honors the ones that lost the battle. The now nationally known 5k race started back in 1999 with 25 registered teams along with 10,000 participants which is the least amount the event has ever had, showing you how big of an event this actually is.  The amount of register survivors at the event was a little over 500 people since then the number is well into the thousands, growing bigger each year.

In just four short years the event saw two of its biggest jumps from 2000-2002. In 2000 the race for the cure already had 7,000 more participants than it did the previous year as it brought in over 17,000 people to the streets of St. Louis with 100 plus teams scattered throughout the crowd. The following year the number amazingly increased by 14,000 people as the 2001 race for the cure had in the mid 31,000 participants, 200 plus teams, and for the first time it broke the 1,000 mark for cancer survivors. Popularity of the event seems to catch the nation’s attention rapidly as in 2002 the event had yet another 14,000 participant spike. The 2002 race for the cure had close to 46,000 participants, with over 2,000 cancer survivors according to Komenst.louis.

The number of participants increased by 2-3,000 people almost every year, along with the number of teams, cancer survivors, and money rose increasing yearly as well. 2010 was by far the biggest year for the race for the cure as it registered some of their greatest numbers in its history with close to 72,000 participants with survivors at the mid-4,000 range, and over 1,000 teams.

This year the numbers are down a bit but still look to be another outstanding race for the cure. Starting Saturday June 23 the streets of downtown St. Louis will be packed with over 48,000 participants and around 800 different teams. With such a big event the local as well as national sponsors are a big boost to adding onto a successful race for the cure, this year the race will feature 75 sponsors, will numerous amounts of free giveaways.

I have been going to this event since 2007 and I can tell you from firsthand experience that there is nothing that can come close to comparison when you’re at the race for the cure in downtown St. Louis. When you’re down there it is literally a sea of pink and the energy is lively will thousands of smiley faces, it is truly one of the greatest feelings.

STL TV LIVE — Race for the Cure – 2 of 2 – 2012-06-12

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