NCAA Football Looks to Change its Postseason

NCAA Four Team Playoff

The college football scene has been re-arranging for years now with conference shape ups, and now a brand new 4-team playoff system. While every other sport has always had a playoff system to decide their best team, college football had been literally in a league of their own, by not having any playoffs intact. Now I am a big college football fan and I love the thrill of the 12-13 game season teams have, and how two or three losses will knock a team out of title contention, but I am not a big fan of the BCS (Bowl Championship Series). The long history of NCAA football has never adopted a playoff system until now, keeping up with the trend BCS commissioners approved of a 4-team Playoff to determine a National Champion starting in 2014.

The final verdict will be determined by University presidents sometime next week, but it is almost certain that they will all approve of the changes.

“We are excited to be on the threshold of creating a new postseason structure for college football and its fans that will look to build on the great popularity of this sport,” Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick  said in statement.

Something that I found interesting is the way they will go about choosing the location of the national championship game. They took the philosophy of the NFL where they let cities bid on having the super bowl with the highest bidding city getting to host the big game; NCAA will now do the same. There are still major details to be figured out like where the Semi-Final games will be held, and who will make up the selection committee to pick the four team tournament.

As of now the Semi-Final games under this new propose deal would have the games rotating around the Major bowl sites (Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl, Sugar Bowl, and Fiesta Bowl). When it comes to determining what four teams get pick to battle for the national title, the NCAA is considering following in the steps of how NCAA basketball choose their teams for March Madness. They want to use a committee of athletic directors and commissioners to pick the teams for the tournament according to the Associated Press. 

“This is a chance to improve the BCS; I look at it as the BCS on steroids,” Gerry DiNardo annalist for the Big Ten Network.

This seems to have been a long time coming as a lot of fans became upset about how the BCS chooses the national championship game, and bowl games in general. I don’t know if the fans and media had any additional push for the commissioners to get together and discuss a change. But commissioners have been in meetings every month since January deciding what the best system would be for the NCAA postseason.

Well college football fans I hope you will enjoy these last two seasons how it is now, come 2014 the postseason will look like it has never look before.

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