Staples Center Being Sued by Woman Whose Boy Fell After Taking Photo

Staples Center Sued

Hoai Mi Nguyen is suing the Staples Center arena after her son, Lucas Tang fell 50 feet from the third level after a Los Angeles Lakers game on November 21, 2010.

The woman had placed her toddler, unattended, on the ledge of the top tier to take a photo of him at the Los Angeles Lakers game. She and her husband were reviewing pictures on their digital camera when they looked up, the boy was gone. They began to frantically search for him.

While there is a protected glass guard safety barrier, the toddler some how managed to plummet past that and land on the concrete, three levels, 50 feet down.

The luxury boxes have tiers of seats, fronted by concrete walls which have glass barriers on top. The glass safety barrier varies in height but at its lowest point is about the height of an adult’s waist, said Michael Roth, a spokesman for Staples and owner, AEG.

According to Opposing Views, witnesses said the boy was still alive and twitching when paramedics arrived and took him away on a stretcher. He was taken to Los Angeles County Medical Center at USC where he later passed away.

Nguyen is suing the managers of Staples Center for wrongful death and negligence. City News Service reports that Hoia Mi Nguyen told defense attorneys in a deposition that she wanted to capture the moment of baby Lucas Tang’s attendance.

L.A. Arena Co. attorneys are asking the judge to throw out the case in a hearing on Thursday. This came after part of the case has already been dismissed.

The building’s architects, NBBJ LP, were excused from the case as the statute of limitations for suing them expired four years after construction, reported by the Daily Mail. This means they could only be sued in the years before 2003-2004.

A statement was released by the team after Lucas Tang’s death saying, “The Lakers would like to express our shock and sadness at the death of Lucas Tang. To go from a moment of happiness and enjoyment, to the loss of this boy’s life, is tragic and heartbreaking.”

Boy’s Fatal Fall At Lakers Game Prompts Lawsuit

A lawsuit was filed on behalf of the family of a 2-year-old boy who plunged to his death from a skybox after a Los Angeles Lakers game in November, alleging there are unsafe conditions at Staples Center that must be fixed.

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