New Moms Can Beat Post Natal Depression with Beauty Pampering [INFOGRAPHIC]

Women rarely need an excuse to pamper themselves with beauty treatments, but if you happen to be pregnant, then you have more reason to do so than ever before. An infographic recently published by United Kingdom spa-booking agency Spa Seekers reveals facial, manicures, massages and the like help to alleviate the symptoms of post natal depression (PND), which include a persistent feeling of sadness, anxiety and low energy levels.

71% of the PND sufferers polled by Spa Seekers said that visiting a spa helped them to feel better. This is hardly surprising since poor self esteem is precursor to the mental health condition which 29% of those polled either personally suffered from, or saw their partner go through. Pregnancy sees a women’s body go through a lot of physical and mental changes which can be hard to adapt to. Stretch marks, wider hips, inflated tender breasts, backache…it’s hardly shocking that many child-bearing women end up disliking themselves!

Even those women who don’t suffer from PND deserve to be pampered after the laborious task of bringing a new life into the world. Despite this fact, just 20% of women visit a spa for pampering during pregnancy and just 17% up to three month after their birth date. It can be hard for mothers of very young infants to find time to indulge themselves but it is almost crucial they do in order to de-stress and prevent themselves from landing in a web of negative thought.

More statistics regarding pregnancy, self-esteem and spa treatments can be seen in Spa Seekers’ infographic, included below.

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  1. Ill definetely show this to my sister she just became a mom a year ago and she i already abit depressed i hope this will help her wer tried everything.

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