Mayweather Tops the Charts for Highest Paid Athletes

Forbes Highest Paid Athletes 2012

Being a high paid celebrity and a high paid athlete will garner a person with fame and attention, whether they like it or not. When it comes to figuring out which athletes are bringing in the most money, fans always get a chance to take a gander at the annual Forbes Top-100 highest paid athletes. When I took a look at this year list I was actually a little surprised at who topped the list and a few athletes that made the cut as well. Six football players were able to rank in the top 20 and thirty all together which was the most out on any sport.

Peyton Manning headlined the group as he is the 10th highest paid athlete, bringing in $42.4 million and $10 million in endorsements. There were 11 different sports that were represented in the top 100, somehow two cricket players made the list, along with track start Usain Bolt ranking number 63 bringing in $20.3 million.

The one thing that surprised me the most was two boxers claiming the top two spots. Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao were the lone boxers making the list, with Mayweather being named the highest paid athlete making $85 million. What I thought was interesting is that Mayweather made $85 million in just two fights. He brought in $40 million when he fought Victor Ortiz and another $45 million when he fought Miguel Cotto. Pacuiao comes in making $62 million; $6 million of it comes from endorsements.

The rest of the top 10 list looks like this; Tiger Woods slips just a little down to the third spot bringing in $59.4 million with a huge chunk of it coming from endorsements, as he made $55 million in endorsement deals. NBA made the top-5 list with this year league MVP LeBron James coming in at number four. He made a total of $53 million with $40 million coming from his endorsement deals. Tennis was able to crack the top-5 with a man that won 18 Grand Slams Rodger Federer. He made a remarkable $45 million in endorsement deals, while making a total of $52.7 million. Another NBA player made a familiar appearance in the Top-10 the 14-time All-Star Kobe Bryant debut at number six. Bryant was able to compile a nice amount of money even when the NBA season was reduced down to 66 games; he still brought in $20.3 million in salary, along with gaining $32 million in endorsements giving him a total of $52.3 million.

Golf made its second appearance in the Top-10 with a golfer that has won 40 PGA tours Phil Mickelson coming in at number seven. He made a nice chunk of his money with endorsements totaling $43 million, giving him $47.8 million in total earnings. Making this list at number eight is international soccer star and celebrity David Beckham. The 37 year old made a cool $37 million in endorsement deals, $9 million in salary, giving him total earnings of $46 million. Staying on International soccer players our number 9 spot is given to yet another soccer superstar in Cristiano Ronaldo. He made the most salary out of any league in soccer bringing in $20,5 million, combined that with his $22 million in endorsement deals and he gained a total earning of $42.5 million.

If you would like to check out the full list of athletes make sure to check out Forbes for more details.

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