Gym Bans “Skinny” People, Only Allows Plus-Size Individuals

Body Exchange Gym

What if I told you that you could not workout at a gym because you are “Skinny” or “Too fat”? How would that make you feel, and would that be on the boarder lines of discrimination? For a gym in Canada they believe they are doing a great deed for a selected group of “Pleasantly Plump” individuals. One of Canada newest gym’s “Body Exchange” not only bans skinny people from entering their gym, but they cater exclusively to plus-sized women.

“This place is a safe haven to our plus-size clientele, we offer fit camps and personal training in a welcoming and supportive environment,” CEO Louise Green said in a statement to TheProvince.

Now I am all for gym’s creating a welcoming and supportive environment, that’s a good way to keep customers coming back, but to actually have one size in the gym is I don’t know “Bias”. Like almost any controversial thing there are always positives and negatives that go along with it, I can see how having a gym for plus size people could be good. I say this because everyone in the gym might feel more comfortable with people their own size rather than have people look and stare at them because of their weight.

However on the other hand with statements like this; “The presence of that person [Skinny people] in our program would just bring down the moral,” Green said in a statement.

You can’t help but wonder are they actually discriminating or stereotyping against skinny people? If they are that is a slippery slope the company will be sliding down if they open multiple gyms just like Body Exchange. When I first heard about this online I thought to myself how they actually determine what the proper weight is to be accepted into the gym program.

The company mentioned in a statement that they screen their clients over the phone, and the ones that don’t met the plus-size criteria are not accepted and actually told to go somewhere else to workout according to Blisstree.

“Several people in this program have not had a successful fitness routine in the past, they tend to be nervous but afterwards I can see how relief and happy they are,” Green said in a statement

So I think one good question is after the people that are successful in losing weight in the program and get smaller maybe skinny, will they not be allowed back into the gym because they’re not a plus-size anymore? Who knows but the Body Exchange is sure getting some people talking that is for sure.

Body Exchange

Body Exchange, Canada’s Original Fit Camps and Adventures Exclusive to Plus Size Clients.

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