Nike Prime for Olympics, Goes Green and Unveils New Uniforms

Nike Turbospeed Olympic

Do you remember the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing where American superstar Michael Phelps and his teammates took the world by storm? Now do you recall the type of world record breaking swim suits they had on? I have almost forgot about the new cutting edge suits the Americans worn in the pool that allowed them to compete lighter, and swim faster. Yes, I almost forgot about it until I recently read a story about Nike new development they are eager to see put into Olympic action their new speed suits for the USA Track and Field athletes.

The new aerodynamic speed suit was unveiled Thursday June 15 in New York are said to knock off 0.023 seconds off sprinters time in competition.  Nike mentioned in a statement that their test on the suits showed a remarkable difference in runners 100, 200, and 400 meter times unlike any other speed suit they seen.

“We couldn’t believe the numbers,” Nike’s Olympics creative director Martin Lotti said in a statement.

What makes Nike such an outstanding and top of the line company is their dedication and research of every product they put out. How they designed these speed suits shows their commitment and hard work for USA Olympics. The company actually went out into the field and studied the aerodynamics of golf balls that’s right golf balls; they discovered that the dimples along with the texture of the ball make it fly effortlessly. Nike took this into consideration when designing the suits and knowing that the forearm and legs were the fastest moving body parts when in motion, they geared their “golf findings” to the human body parts. They genetically put two unique patches on the suit, one on the forearm and the other on one of the legs according to MSNBC.

“Track is a sport of hundredths and thousandths of seconds, if there is a possible benefit of shaving some amount of time off of a performance that would be fantastic.” chief communications officer for USA Track and Field Jill Geer said in a statement.

To me, USA could use all the help they can get because it seems like our biggest rivals, the Jamaicans, have been kicking our butt all over the track, it doesn’t help that they have the world’s fastest man Usain Bolt. Now I am not saying that the USA track athletes are bad, they have done fantastic the last few Olympics, but when it comes to relays we seem to “Drop the baton”.  Whatever the case may be I am sure the American track athletes will perform great no matter how fast these new suits may make them.

Now I thought Nike would just stop at their new track speed suites, but that is just not the Nike way to do things.  The company is also going green with a few of the team uniforms including the new speed suits that are made from 13 recycled water bottles, along with the basketball uniforms made from 22 recycled water bottles according to Yahoo.

Nike has also designed several different “Medal Podium” jackets and outfits for the USA winners to wear.

“The outfits should be celebratory,” said Lotti said in a statement.

I don’t know about you guys but hearing about all these cool new things for our athletes to showcase to the world in London, makes me excited and anxious for the Olympic games to start.

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