Mountain Lions Make Comeback to the States in Droves

Mountain Lion

How much do you know about the American Mountain Lion? I have to be honest I do not know anything about them or where they roam in the United States. However there is a particular story that has peaked my interest of these beastly animals, mainly because American Mountain Lions are said to be making a comeback from near extinction. Hearing this made me intrigued of how they are making a possible comeback, and reading about where they have been spotted grabbed all my attention. For people living in “habitats suitable for cougars” you might want to at least know about these Mountain Lions being spotted throughout the Midwest region which is where they historically roamed before and all around the nation.

These Mountain Lions most commonly known as cougars have evidently been in decline in the past decade due to widespread hunting and loss of prey around the American West region. However it appears that these cougars may be staging a comeback as there have been close to 180 cougar sighting in the Midwest alone, and over 30,000 in the United States all together according to the age. To give you a since of how many cougars are making their way back to their home ground, in 1990 there were less than one hundred cougars reported, now we have 30,000 all around us. University of Minnesota researcher Michelle LaRue mentioned in a statement that these particular cougars are re-establishing their territory in the Midwest and the nation once again.

Out of the thousands of cougars here there are three main breeding types that can be spotted in North and South Dakota along with Nebraska; other breeds have been spotted in Texas, Arkansas, and Connecticut. It seems as if the male cougars are leading the way to the massive group transformation as researchers found that 76% of the carcasses recovered were males according to Yahoo.

“We found that cougars are roaming long distances and are moving back into portions of their historical range across the Midwest,” LaRue said in a statement.

So as the months and years come along more and more cougars appear to be on the rise in the United States, is there any way to slow down or even stop them? With nature laws in place we may only hope to contain them, but scientist are excited they have arrived

LaRue mentioned in a statement to the Journal of Wildlife Management that she as well as other scientist are excited because the cougar population in the Midwest decades ago was nearly zero, and now they have hard evidence they are making a comeback.

While it may be a good thing that cougars may not go instinct for a little while longer, researches still suggest most states to have plans in set for cougars staying around their area

“For those states that haven’t got plans for these animals being part of nature, wildlife agencies should be making them.” LaRue said.

Mountain Lions | Maneaters

Like people, mountain lions have grown fond of southern California.

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  1. Michael Stover | June 19, 2012 at 9:38 am | Reply


    Well here we go again, mountain lions the silent killer! This is a true statement however the presentation of the video contained within the story is a bit over the top. Yes mountain lions can kill people but, that’s an unusual senario. Mountain lion prey items are deer, moose, elk and an assorted other animals. You notice the diet lacks human being as a prey item. So the problem is that as the wildlife agent in the video stated people move into mountain lion country and not know it! Somebody should inform people in mountain lion country about their exsistance in that location. A mailing to new residence by the fish and game would be a good idea. People should know that these animals are in the area. Then these newcomers might want to learn about mountain lions and their habits and how to avoid contact with them. Know what to do about pets and your children to keep them safe. Mountain lions don’t plan to attack people, people do things that attract the mountain lions to them, their childern and even their pets. A little knowledge goes a long way in keeping you and your loved ones safe. Take time to educate yourself and family members about how to co-exsist with the beautiful animals and maybe if you’re lucky someday you may get to see one.

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