10 Healthy Brain Foods To Supercharge Your Mind

Healthy Foods for Your Brain

Having the mindset of eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle is one thing, but actually having the discipline to follow through on your thought habits is a whole other process. With diabetes on the rise in the United States having a healthy balance of food, exercise and liquids are vital parts in a person’s everyday life. I use to eat fast food a lot not only because it was really delicious and filling, but because I thought it was less expensive to eat un-healthy foods than healthy foods.  That is sometimes true, but I have come to learn that there are quite a few healthy foods and drinks that are inexpensive that you can include in your everyday or weekly eating habits. I researched that there are 10 inexpensive healthy food and drinks that can actually throw a party in your brain, make you feel a little bit smarter throughout the day.

There are 10 food and liquids that can be a delicious healthy option in your lifestyle.  For starters Antioxidants take up the first two spots on this list. They have been a great and tasty addition to a person’s diet for years now. With foods like red beans, various berries, artichoke, and apples you can actually delay your brain from aging so quickly.  When it comes to breakfast foods, eggs seem to be a popular dish on the table, but the actual egg yolk is the healthiest part to eggs. As you may know already eggs are a good source of protein, but what makes the Egg Yolk healthy is its memory-promoting nutrient choline. The nutrient is a vital part to the brain two molecules phosphatidylcholine and sphingomyelin which makes up a high percentage of the brain mass, making the Egg Whites choline very important for our brain function according to Yahoo.

Moving on to a drink that thousands of Americans consume every day and for some without it would make them a little bit cranky… Coffee.  To go along with given a person that extra jolt in the morning they need, it also can boost the power of your brain leaving you feeling energetic and smart. To go along with boosting brain power it also improves your memory and reaction time. Researches have actually found that drinking coffee in a lifetime can lower the risk of a brain disease affecting memory, thought and language known as Alzheimer’s disease according to WebMD.

Staying with the idea of memory enhancement this next item is not exactly a food but more of an herbal ingredient. The oil from a sage leaf can enhance and improve memory performance documented by recent studies. What a lot of people use this leaf for is an extra something to their tea.

This next drink is pretty common sense that you need this in your everyday life, and you need this to survive. With our brain being made up of almost 75% water it is a must to drink water to keep the brain hydrated and functioning on all cylinders.

Seafood is pretty close to being my favorite food to eat behind pasta, and soul food, so I am very happy to know that eating fish is good for me. With fish containing high levels of fatty acids it essentially acts as an anti- inflammatory in the body, and also helps to prevent blood clotting. Common fish that are high in fatty acids are tuna, trout, mackerel, salmon and sardines.

An interesting food to consider in a diet could be the sea vegetable Kelp. What makes this sea vegetable good for the body is that it is high in magnesium, calcium and iodine according to Livestrong. It becomes important throughout our lives to at least consume foods that contain iodine, because iodine provides normal growth and development for our mind and body. A lot of different dairy products also are rich with iodine.

Up next we have a snack that an abundant amount of women love and why not it is tasty and healthy for you, but not the store bought kind. When I think I chocolate I immediately think of smores and Hershey’s, but this is the chocolate with added sugar and preservatives. The kind of chocolate that is healthier is cacao which contains tons of antioxidants and a compound that helps support learning and memory in the brain.

Last but not least we have Walnuts which are loaded with fatty acids that are critical for brain and nervous system performances, the brain is a big fatty organ, so feed it some good fatty acids.

Well there you go a simple list of some healthy food and drinks that can be a positive reinforcement to your powerful brain, so go out there and eat healthy.

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