Apple 2012 WWDC New Products Set The Bar For Tech Manufacturers

Apple 2012 WWDC New Products

Apple products have been close to if not the best for top of the line technology gadgets. From the Iphone to Apple T.V. where ever that little apple icon is, brings in customers eager to try out the newest product and services. On Monday June 11 at the 2012 Apple World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco, Apple unveiled a few of their newest products and updates.

The new MacBook’s, iOS 6 program, and their new mountain Lion feature were the headlines for apple supporters to take a look at.  The MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro got a little tune up and Apple upgraded its whole MacBook line to the third generation of Intel’s Core processor.  Along with these features MacBook’s will now come with two USB ports, 720p face time HD camera, and an Intel HD graphics 4000 processor. The product that has many people intrigued is Apple’s newest laptop the 15 inch MacBook Pro which in comparison to its Air counterpart versions is thinner and lighter for users.

Apple Presents The New MacBook Pro

The 15 inch MacBook Pro with retina display lets you have the most up-to-date computer there is, along with a stunning, vibrant look to it.  Some of the cool built in apps that will keep users happy and entertain are the iPhoto, iMovie, and iTunes. It will also include Aperture and Final Cut Pro x to show off your editing skills, and you will have plenty of storage space as it comes with 768GB of flash storage.

As you might know already these laptops are not cheap by any means, the 11 inch MacBook Air comes in at the cheapest of the MacBook’s at a cool $1,000. The 13 inch MacBook Air is slightly more expensive at $1,100, while the MacBook Pro starts at $1,500. Finally the New 15 inch MacBook Pro you can get with or without retina display will run you $1,800 without the retina display and $2,000 for it.

Another highly anticipated product released was Apple’s iOS 6 program system. The service introduced over 200 new features, with new Siri features, shared photo streams, an interesting Facebook app, and a totally enhanced Maps app. The service has also tapped into the educational platform as well featuring a program called guided access.  This feature allows parents and teachers to disable hardware buttons on an iOS device as a result the device can be locked into a single app.

With Siri being such a huge hit with customers, Apple decided to build upon its success, now it will feature Siri being able to speak more languages. Along with this, Siri will be able to give you tons of information on sports scores and schedules, movie listings and even restaurant reservations.

One of the best features about iOS is its new up-to-date Maps apps, Google Maps is a great tool to use, but with this new designed Maps app it gives you very detailed results. Say for instance you’re looking for a building it will give you 3-D views of it, along with real time traffic update, and of course turn by turn directions.

Last but not least are the new OS X Mountain Lion features that will be available sometime in July. The program will have a new messenger app, notification center, along with cool reminders, notes and an entertaining game center. iCloud will be an integral part of the new program as it will sync all of you apps across all of your devices as well.

With a slew of exciting new things from Apple, it only raises the bar that much higher for its technology counterparts.

New 2012 MacBook Pro Retina i7 Quad Core – Official Apple Video

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