Hashtag Pages on Twitter launched in partnership with #NASCAR

Hashtag Pages on Twitter

It has been a big week for Twitter with the announcement of a new rebranding of the Twitter bird logo. The new logo comes with a catch as stated on the official blog, “There’s no longer a need for text, bubbled typefaces, or a lowercase “t” to represent Twitter.” In addition to the June 6th, 2012 launch of the new #Twitterbird logo the hashtag pages have been launched starting Thursday June 7th, 2012.

The tweet announcing the new partnership with NASCAR was sent out from the official @Twitter account.

The look of the page organizes tweets that will send out the hashtag from the specific hashtag page. Any tweet sent from the NASCAR hashtag page will include the #NASCAR tag. Top people are included to the left and top curated photos at the top. You can see what the basic look of the official hashtag pages is above.

The Verge points out something that many users are already calling out on Twitter. Some feel that Twitter official hashtags are censorship & remove the whole point of Twitter, unfiltered communication. The Verge describes the way hashtag tweets are picked as, “Tweets that surface in this stream aren’t part of a firehose with every single tweet from all users that mention #nascar — it’s a selection of tweets from racers, teams, and others involved with the race, regardless of whether or not they use the hashtag. According to Twitter, “a combination of algorithms and curation… surface the most interesting Tweets.””

To be honest, the hashtag page doesn’t seem to be too censored to us after browsing the NASCAR page and seeing many tweets speaking out about the lack of conversation this new direction could bring. If the hashtag pages were censored strictly these tweets wouldn’t show, right?



The Hashtag page for Twitter is apparently really important to Twitter since they just launched their first TV ads to promote it. There are seven 16 second spots created for the new launch. Each one shows interesting behind the scenes instances of NASCAR and what you could be missing out on but how you can be an insider by following the hashtag #NASCAR. All 7 videos are listed below. According to AllThingsD the TV advertisement slot was on Time Warner’s TNT channel during the race on Sunday June 10th, 2012.

We definitely think that the new hashtag page is pretty seamless and brings together multiple pieces of media that would be hard to find otherwise. If the curation goes to far it will obviously kill the joy of Twitter but sometimes that joy includes a lot of spam. We don’t think there is anything wrong with having a page that is curating the experience if you can still go to Twitter and search the uncensored version of the hashtag in question, like #NASCAR.

What do you think about the new hashtag pages?

NASCAR Bow TV Advertisement

“Follow them past the finish line”

Discover the best Tweets, photos and perspectives from NASCAR drivers and their families, crews, commentators, celebrities and fans at http://twitter.com/#nascar

NASCAR Conversation TV Advertisement

“Where off the record is on the record.”

NASCAR Samantha Busch TV Advertisement

“Get the POV from a VIP”

NASCAR Helmet Cam TV Advertisement

“What they see is what you get”

NASCAR Trevor Autograph TV Advertisement

“See what else he writes”

NASCAR Pieces TV Ad Spot

“Put the pieces together”

NASCAR Brad’s View TV Ad Spot

“See what he sees”

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