UEFA EURO Starts June 8th 2012 & goes until July 1st 2012, with Group B as the highlight


There are very few Global events that occur every 4 years, the winter and summer Olympics may be the greatest global event of them all. However there is an event in Europe that may not rival the Olympics, but seems to gain thousands of fans because it is an intriguing soccer tournament.   What started back in 1960 with host country France has since developed into a worldwide spectacle where soccer fans can tune in every 4 years. This year marks the 14th Union of European Football Association (UEFA) Euro championship, with Poland-Ukraine being the host countries.

Spain captured the title in 2008 and with almost all of their players back, they are one of the favorites to win it all again this year as they Bose the number one ranking in the world. The 16 team tournament kicked off Friday June 8, 2012, and will run until July 1, 2012 when the championship game will be played.  In the tournament the teams are divided into 4 different groups (A,B,C,D) in which the top two teams in each group will advance past the group stage matches.

Once the field has been cut down to eight teams, those teams will battle it out in the knockout stages, which consist of the quarter and semi-finals running from June 21-24. When the two best teams are left standing it is then time to decide a champion on July 1 in the title game.

There is one group every tournament year that is labeled “The group of death” meaning, the hardest and best group in the tournament. This year it is group B that claims the title of group of death. Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, and Portugal make up group B out of the four teams in the group, every one of them ranks in the top ten in the FIFA soccer world rankings.  Other notable teams to keep an eye out for will be; Germany who ranks third in the world, England ranking sixth in the world, and Italy ranking 12 in the world according to FIFA.com.

So if you’re a fan of European soccer or just a soccer fan in general the next three weeks should be exciting and fun-filled. Make sure to tune into ESPN to catch the game action.

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