Russian Topol ICBM Missile Test Causes UFO Reports in Israel & Middle East

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It wasn’t only Israel officials phones ringing off the hook with possible UFO sightings, most Middle Eastern countries saw the same lights in the sky. According to the Jerusalem Post there were literally hundreds of Israelis calling into police phone numbers reporting a light in the sky that was highly unusual.

Scientists from the Astronomical Association in Israel pegged the objects height at around 80 kilometers into the sky which is likely why it was seen from so far away.

However comments from people that actually observed the unidentified object in the sky had their doubts that it was a missile test. One comment on Times of Israel stated, “I was at a party in Tel Aviv last night, and we watched as a light appeared in the sky. It slowly disappeared leaving a huge mass of smoke in a triangular shape. Didn’t look anything like a missile it had no streaking plume and un like a UFO did not move. It left a cloud of some sort which took a few minutes to dissipate. It was truly an odd sight in the night sky. I am surprised to hear that it may have been a Russian test, seems curious that I would see it from Tel Aviv. The exploding Satellite theory sounds more feasible.”

It was actually on The Voice of Russia where statements from the Russian government started to be leaked that the UFO was probably an ICBM test. The missile test was to test technologies that are supposed to counter-act the US Missile Defense Shield project. The identifying piece from Voice of Russia was, “The Strategic Missile Forces of the Russian Federation have conducted another successful test of the “Topol” Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, this time from the firing ground at “Kapustin Yar” in Astrakhan in Southern Russia.”

You can see some shots of the UFO below in videos that were shared and placed on YouTube. What do you think? Was this a UFO, missile test or satellite exploding?

Swirling Ball of Light over Israel, UFO? Shown on

UFO seen over Israel Azerbaijan Jordan Lebanon & Turkey or some new missile being tested ?

Failed Russian Missile Test Spotted Across The Middle East. Russia’s Defense Ministry says the Russian army successfully test-fired an intercontinental ballistic missile.

Strange Spiral Seen Over the Middle East Likely Russian Missile

On June 7, 2012 there was a strange swirling spiral of light, this time see in the skies over the Middle East. People across the region reported seeing a “UFO” and soon videos began showing up.

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  1. This object was seen from Sinai which is almost 2200 KMs away. It is highly unlikely for a missile to be seen that far away so clearly. It may be man-made but it was not the Russian Topol ICBM.

  2. I don’t know what that was. More than likely man made.

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