Nike Air Yeezy 2 by Kanye West Released Again With Up To 5,000 Pairs, Campouts Ensue

Nike Air Yeezy 2 Kanye West

When it comes to getting yourself a new pair of shoes, how do you go about choosing what you want? Do you go by color, style, weight, or brand? How much would you be willing to spend on a pair of shoes that you really wanted? For some people $245 seems about right for the newest shoe sensation hitting the nation. Well-known and successful rap artist Kanye West is set to release another installment of his “Must have kicks” the Air Yeezy 2. The hot shoe is set to be released to the public Saturday June 9, 2012, if you are trying to get yourself a pair of this limited addition shoe, you may already be too late.

There will only be 3,000-5,000 pairs to be released to the public. Some online stores are sold out on the shoe from people that have RSVP and pre-paid for the shoe months ago.  Some people are getting the shoe just because they are Kanye shoes, some to say they have the hottest shoes on the market. Then you have the people that are called “Sneaker heads” and literally have a passion or goal for finding the hottest, coolest, stylist shoes out on the market, and the Air Yeezy 2 are taking center stage.

Here is an example of how much people are willing to pay for this shoe; a person pre-paid $90,300 on Ebay for the shoe according to The Los Angeles Times. The Air Yeezy II has been said to be the most anticipated shoe release in history according to Time Magazine. People have literally been lining up outside shoe stores across the world hoping to get their hands on the most talk about shoes in years.

To give you a sense of what some people have been doing, a 21 year old student in Detroit started lining up outside a Detroit shoe store Tuesday June 5 just to get a head start. The young man was so desperate to get a good spot in line that he actually paid someone $400 for their spot in line according to the Detroit Free Press. The man explained that his mom steps in and saves his spot when he has to go home and shower, in his spot is his Laptop, IPhone & headphones, Zebra-Print Snuggie, some gummy bear snacks and a book to keep him busy reported the Detroit Free-Press.

The shoe appears to be bringing in large crowds, but it’s not like they have not seen this before, Kanye released his first Air Yeezy in 2009 and had similar turn outs.

“Last time when the Air Yeezy released I saw lines around the block and people actually sleeping outside, it seems to be crazy everywhere you go now, my store is just trying to keep it as calm as possible” Julio Martinez manager of a shoe store in downtown Los Angles said to the Los Angeles Times.

What makes this shoe unique is that it comes with hand-skived anaconda leather texture to it, along with the letters YZY spelled in hieroglyphics. Along with this you will find the Roman numeral II on the tongue of the shoe and the sole of the shoe glows in the dark. If that is not enough to gain a person attention, the shoe prototype was tailored to Kanye West own foot to make it unique.

Even though this is a pretty cool looking shoe that comes in Platinum and Black, I still do not understand why people are literally paying close to $1,000 online for this shoe, when the retail value is $245. To be honest I do not think I would even pay the retail value for this shoe, but then again I do label myself as a “Bargain” shopper. So as the new Air Yeezy II hit the market, will you be the envy of all your friends, or will it just be a passing fad?

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  1. i want to know how often do they release the yezzy shoes by nike? And whats the next release date?

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