Scout Willis Busted in Union Square For Underage Drinking

Scout Willis Busted

Scout Willis, the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis was arrested for underage drinking and handing New York City police a fake ID.

She was found drinking an 8-ounce Pakistani beer outdoors in Union Square on Monday, June 4, 2012. After the officer approached her, she tried to give him a fake ID with the name of “Katherine Kelly” on it. The New York City officer continued to question Scout Willis when she told the officer, “My name is Scout Willis,” then she pulled out her actual California ID, according to the criminal complaint. “The first ID isn’t mine. My friend gave it to me. I don’t know Katherine Kelly.”

Scout Willis was arrested for criminal impersonation and a violation of the open container law, which both are misdemeanors. Though she was released without bail on Tuesday, she is ordered to return to Manhattan Criminal Court on July 31, 2012.

Scout Willis’ lawyer, Stacey Richman told New York Daily News, “She was honest about who she was. She is a very proper, very impressive, smart young woman. She presented her own ID.”

Scout Willis, 20-years old is currently attending Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.  She is the middle girl of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s three daughters.  Scout Willis recently started as a lead vocalist in the band ‘Gus & Scout.’

This isn’t Scout Willis first time being in trouble. Earlier in the year she ranted on Twitter about how much she hated her parents and admitted to trying the drug, MDMA. She also claimed Terry Richardson, a photographer hit on her.

Later, she claimed the tweets were a ‘hoax’ and she did it all for a school project. A theory she was “testing” to illustrate how the more crazy you get, the more followers you will receive.

Scout Willis Arrested

The 20-year-old daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis was busted for underage drinking and possessing a fake ID. Get the details.

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