Giant Squid Found in Australia by Al McGlashan [Video]

Giant Squid Video

A giant squid was found by an Australian fisherman, Al McGlashan during a tuna fishing expedition on Friday, June 1, 2012.  McGlashan and his crew found a 13 feet in length squid and something that is rare to see.

While the squid was found dead off the coast of Jervis Bay, it proves that giant squid do exist somewhere in the world. Most sightings of giant squid go undocumented, but in this case, the author of The Fishing Bible and fishing writer for the Daily Telegraph, Al McGlashan caught it on video.

Giant Squid Found

In the minute long video you can see the giant squid still looks very pink. It does have most of it’s tentacles missing and it possibly lost it’s life to the known predator, a sperm whale.

Mr McGlashan said in an interview, “It must have died not that long before we found it because it didn’t smell at all and its colors were still strong – most giant squid remains are smelly and rotten and just off-white by the time someone finds them.”

In the giant squid video you’ll see a shark getting a free meal while Al McGlashan films away. “It hoed into the squid straight away and didn’t care a bit that it was right next to us; it was taking great chunks out of the squid in one bite. It goes to show not much goes to waste in the natural world. Everything gets recycled somehow,” McGlashan said.

Australian Museum squid specialist Mandy Reid says that while you might think of calamari feast when you see this giant squid, think again. Dr Reid told The Telegraph, “They taste really bad, the flesh has an intense ammonia smell. Ammonia makes the squid less dense than seawater, giving it neutral buoyancy so it doesn’t waste energy constantly swimming.”

McGlashan tweeted about all the excitement coming from his squid find, “I can’t believe how mad the media has gone about the giant squid interviews all day- mind u awesome encounter to get on film!”

Giant Squid Video

Insane footage of a giant squid being eaten by a shark.

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