4 Comments on "How @Redbull’s social marketing on @Klout failed in the real world"

  1. Klout is cool but they certainly are not the first to come up with the iPhone app, there’ an iPhone based platform called SocialLadder that not only tells users how influential they are, but also shows them the transactions that affect their influence score. Even better, it connects the users with exclusive offers and incentives that really make it cool to be social influencer – its all done right through the app.

  2. Had to be in the Top 100 redbull influencers on Klout to get the 4-pack delivery. Had to be part of the Dancefestopia VIP for the onsite free samples. Seems both had special requirements so where’s the fail?

    • Lori Kober | June 2, 2012 at 8:01 pm |

      Correction: Top 1000 Redbull influencers received 4-packs. Top 100 influencers received thumbdrives

  3. Red Bull utter fail – unhip, untrendy, and clearly not understood. Those guys in the truck were rude, therefore so is redbull.

    Why did they hire such a rude person? Probably because he was as rude as the person who hired him.

    Shame on Redbull! Sort out your PR…

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