Cooper Hears Mom for the First Time After Cochlear Implant

Cochlear Implant

Cooper, 2-years old heard his mom for the first time after he had a cochlear implant.

Cooper was fitted with a cochlear implant, a surgically implanted electronic device that provides a sense of sound to a person who is profoundly deaf or severely hard of hearing. The implant is often referred to as a bionic ear.Cooper Cochlear Implant

You can see Cooper’s reaction to his mother’s voice for the first time at around 32 seconds into the video. She said in the video description, “My son just got his cochlear implants after 2 years of excruciating waiting. This is his initial response after first getting turned on. It just made us melt!”

One person asked why he only has one implant rather than two? Cooper’s mother responded, “Cooper was implanted with 2 CI’s. This is just his initial activation, so they test one ear at a time so he doesn’t become overwhelmed. It can be very frightening and painful to test both at once.”

Another person commented that they have been watching these touching videos of cochlear implant activations. Saying that each reaction is different. Some Cochlear implant patients react to sound while others react to speech. Cooper’s mother explained, “Cooper was diagnosed as profoundly deaf, therefore he can’t hear a thing. What usually happens with CI implants is that the child picks up on environmental sounds first (cars honking, birds chirping, telephone ring) before understanding and processing speech sounds. Therefore, when the child is first activated usually respond to taps on a table before responding to someone speaking. We just got lucky.”Cochlear Implant

She also mentioned that Cooper loves music when most CI patients can’t hear music like the rest of us. “People say that CI kids will never process music like we do – that it sounds like jumbled noise. However, Cooper loves music. He dances and sings along to everything from the Wiggles to Itsy Bitsy Spider.”

Watch the Video of Cooper react to his Mother’s voice for the first time after his Cochlear Implant:

The best ever cochlear implant activation

More Reactions after Cochlear Implant:

2 year old hearing for the 1st time

Here is solomons Bilateral cochlear implant activation. First they activate the right ear, then the left and then both together. Amazing my son can hear!!

29 years old and hearing for the 1st time

I was born deaf and 8 weeks ago I received a hearing implant. This is the video of them turning it on and me hearing myself for the first time 🙂 Edit: For those of you who have asked the implant I received was Esteem offered by Envoy Medical.

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