7 steps to stay connected during an Argument

Most of us have been there – that terrible argument you have with your partner, where you’re sure it’s over. You’re yelling at each other, and most likely saying things you will regret tomorrow. No matter what you say or do it seems to just keep getting worse and you can’t help but feel disconnected and distant.

At this point in the argument you’re probably red in the face, running out of breath and ready to walk out. Well not so fast, this infographic presented by A Center For Marriage Counseling provides you with seven easy steps to stay connected to your partner during that dreaded argument.

Arguments among couples are inevitable. In fact, some therapists and counselors say it’s perfectly healthy to argue from time to time, and if you never do argue it could be a sign of future problems. It’s perfectly natural for couples to share their frustrations and sometimes it escalates further than either person expected. In cases like this it’s important to take time to reflect and try to calm yourself down so that you don’t take things too far.

One thing you can do is tell your partner you need to be quiet for a couple minutes. This will end the argument long enough for you to think about what’s really going on. You can also use this time to focus on your breathing and try to calm yourself down so that you can be more rational when you start talking again. Also, remember to have compassion for yourself and your partner. Put yourself in their shoes during the argument. This will help you understand their perspective and maybe help you find a reasonable solution that will please both of you.

View the infographic below to learn more ways you can stay connected to your partner during an argument.

Infographic - Seven Steps For Ending Arguments
Infographic by A Center for Marriage Counseling and Measured SEM

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