Video of Bear Swimming in Pool in Monrovia, California

Bear Video Monrovia Pool

When you find a bear in your swimming pool, what do you do. Record it and put it on YouTube for a fun summer story. At least that’s what two sister’s did when they found a bear in their pool over the holiday weekend.

Sisters Rachel and Valerie Gasparini found a bear in their backyard pool in Monrovia, California in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains on Monday, May 28, 2012.

The sisters told KTLA that they thought he was going to take a drink of the water then leave, but they were shocked when the bear jumped into the pool and seemed to be taking a relaxing swim.

Rachel told the local TV station KTLA what they saw from the window of their Monrovia, California home, “The bear kind of like walks over to the pool, and we thought it was gonna drink some water. It ends up jumping in the ledge, and it’s kind of like floating around there, chilling.”

In the video you can hear the girls saying, “A bear is swimming in our pool.” While the other girl says, “This is crazy. It’s pretty good at swimming. It’s stepping on the stool things. It’s looking out at the view.”

The other girl chirps, as if this is what the bear would be thinking, “Taking a nice swim, you know.”

They both admit it was scary and looked like a person swimming in their backyard pool in Monrovia.

“We thought it was crazy, he was not fazed by us at all. He was staring at us practically mocking us. And he was just swimming like he was a person,” the girls told KTLA.

They said the bear was so calm and they said did not feel the need to take any action in calling 911 or their parents. The teens instead watched from a safe distance inside.

“It wasn’t any making a ruckus or it wasn’t like destroying things in our backyard, so we didn’t really feel the need to call anybody,” Valerie said.

“Yeah, it was more of entertainment than a scare,” Rachel added.

After the bear took a swim to cool down, he got out and went off into the brush.

In their YouTube video description it says they decided to name the famous bear, Larry.

Bear Swimming in Monrovia Backyard Pool

Bear Found Swimming in Pool

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