Celebrities That Actually Went to Their College Classes

We expect our celebrities to look great in a gown or tuxedo, but we don’t always expect them to have an extensive education. Some celebrities like Sigourney Weaver have a Master of Fine Arts from the Yale School of Drama, but other celebrities have made far more surprising educational choices. If you’re looking into recent college course offerings but need a little extra inspiration to get back into school, then some of these celebrities with graduate degrees may give you that little push out of the door.

Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd earned a Master of Public Administration degree from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government in 2010 after taking a while to complete her undergraduate education at the University of Kentucky. Famous for her roles in Double Jeopardy and Bug, Judd could easily build a political career if she becomes bored with acting.

David Duchovny

Former X-Files star David Duchovny has a Master’s degree in English Literature from Yale, where he was nominated for an award by the Academy of American Poets. Duchovny was working on his PhD when he started working as an actor. In fact, while he was still at Yale, he began commuting to New York to star in off-Broadway plays. When he began to earn small parts in film and television, Duchovny quit his doctoral studies to pursue acting full time.

Art Garfunkel

This half of the famous duo Simon & Garfunkel earned an art history bachelor’s degree from Columbia. He then completed a master’s in mathematics and was working toward his doctorate when fame and fortune called him away. He and Paul Simon actually met in school–PS 164 in New York City, to be exact. The duo met in the sixth grade and have made beautiful music together off and on ever since.

Brian May

Brian May, the lead guitarist for Queen, completed an astrophysics degree after his highly successful rock ‘n roll career. He is currently Chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University. May is famous for co-writing Queen hits such as Fat Bottomed Girls, We Will Rock You and Bohemian Rhapsody.

The most important key to success is to stop accepting excuses from yourself. If these celebrities can finish their graduate degrees, then so can you. Find a university that offers the courses you need at a price that you can afford; if you need a more flexible schedule, then take online classes. Don’t give up the career opportunities that a graduate degree can deliver. Get started with your education today.

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