Lip Dub Proposal Video Becomes Viral Wedding Proposal Hit

Lip Dub Proposal

It happened in Portland, Oregon on May 23rd, 2012 and launched into a viral video sensation that is melting even the coldest hearts that watch it. This wedding proposal video was dreamed but by a Portland, OR actor named Isaac J Lamb. According to Isaac’s YouTube channel The Work of Isaac Lamb he is 31 years old.

Watch the Live LipDub Proposal Video Below

The first time that Isaac mentioned his girlfriend on YouTube was 2 years ago with a video called Amy the Spoon described as, “Just an average day in our house…” with Isaac talking about Amy Frankel’s choreographing at home and pretending to be a spoon. Isaac and Amy both have a laugh at her crazy spoon costume and turn off the video at the request of Amy.

The next interesting video Isaac and Amy have on YouTube is the, “Cup Dancing with Amy and Isaac” video where they dance with cups of all sizes. The description of this video gives a hint as to their biggest video hit with the live lip dub proposal when it says, “The couple that cup dances together, stays together.”

The lip dub proposal video (watch below) that brought you here is uploaded under a friend of Isaac’s named Roberta Fosse. The video is now approaching 1,600,000 views after hitting the frontpage of Reddit, being mentioned on the Huffington Post Wedding section, covered on Mashable and being dubbed on Perez Hilton as the, “Cutest Marriage Proposal Ever!!”

The video is introduced on YouTube with an overlay message before it all starts, “On Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012, I told my girlfriend to meet me at my parent’s house for dinner. When she arrived I had stationed my brother to sit her in the back of an open Honda CRV and give her some headphones. He “wanted to play her a song”…What she got instead was the world’s first Live Lip-Dub Proposal. Enjoy!”

Lip Dub Proposal Webcam Friends

Webcam friends join in on the proposal dance from their computers

Lip Dub Proposal Question Popped

Isaac pops the question to Amy

Lip Dub Proposal Answer

Everyone seems to be happy about Amy’s answer to Isaac’s question!

You can watch Isaac’s Live Lip Dub Proposal Video Below in it’s 5 minutes and 53 seconds of bursting romance that was produced with the help of 60+ friends and family, it’s titled:

Isaac’s Live Lip-Dub Proposal

Popular Comments on this wedding proposal video:

“Proposing LIKE A BOSS”

“Who’s the girl in the red dress? Gina Johnson Morris is her name and I’m extremely proud to be her dad. She told us about Isaac’s idea for proposing a few weeks ago… he asked her to choreograph a non-dancer friendly routine, knowing they would likely get only one rehearsal. Very happy Gina had a big part of sharing this much love!”

“Hats off to you sir, hats off to you”

“This is so darn cute! I’ve watched this about seven times and it still makes me tear up :’) This is incredible and must have taken so much effort to put together, I can only imagine! How long did the planning and preparation take?”

“Ull make the rest of all boys in the world look bad now when we propose.”

“Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times YES!
I know he wasn’t asking me, but…”

“The world needs more of this. More honest, pure love.
This is amazing! The amount of love she must have felt knowing all that was for her. We should all be so lucky!
I wish you nothing but a life time of bliss!”

“I think my standards for a marrige proposal have been upped. ”

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