Russia Semi Hits SUV, Caught on Video

Russia Semi Crash

A semi crash in Russia was caught on video on May 9, 2012. What could have been an unfortunate accident, ended with both drivers walking away.

The semi crash video was uploaded to a YouTube channel called “Driving in Russia all Truth.” This channel has some videos that are terrifying. There’s a total of 104 videos uploaded of cars and trucks either crashing into things or just barely missing things, which are almost always at a high speed.

In the semi crash video titled, “M4-DON truck skidded on a sharp turn” you can see the truck coming around the turn too fast and toppling over. The semi barely misses a car driving along the road next to it. Next the semi truck starts to come straight for the SUV that had the mounted dashboard camera.

At the end of the video, you can see the semi driver who is wearing a red shirt, stand up. The SUV driver gets out of his vehicle, but was more concerned with the front of his SUV than helping the trucker who was struggling to brake the windshield in order to get out. Watch the semi crash video below.

Like we mentioned, no one was seriously hurt in the crash, thankfully. Comments with the video say that the man driving the SUV should have asked if the semi driver was okay instead of worrying about his car so much.

One comment says, “Okay, the truck driver is culpable, but he still deserves to be asked if he’s alright.”

While another says, “I think he saw that truck driver stand in his cabin so can’t be very injured. And you don’t know what he is thinking about. Maybe he wanted to see how much crash zone is broken. I guess that was pretty good visualisation how close to death he was.”

Semi Crash in Russia

Russia Semi Hits SUV


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