2 Comments on "Pitbull Won’t Leave Companion’s Side for 14 Hours"

  1. This just shows how this breed of dog is. They are loyal and loving and that male is grieving just as any person would. I’m crying as I write this, I’m so heartbroken, This dog being on the side of the street with his dead female companion for 14 hours is inexcusable and the idea that no one did anything to help this poor dog is incomprehensible to me. I held on to a lost pit bull who was being harassed by a Security Guard in a hospital parking lot. He got loose and right away because he growled at the Guard, cause the Guard fed him and then tried to grab his collar, he just let the dog run away. I walk off of the elevator and I see this beautiful red nose pit bull male go by me going towards the stairs scared. He had a collar and I grabbed him, it was by instinct, I knew he was heading towards the stairs to leave and would have been on a busy road. The Guard gave me a rope he had and I tied it to the collar and held on to him calming him down. He would try to bolt if the guard tried to get him. I just told him to stay back and that I would hold him, hoping his owners would get back before Animal Control. I hugged and talked to him and scratched him and just talked and talked and I held on to him for hours. Finally a young couple who had been in a MD appointment at the Hospital started calling for Ace. His ears went straight up and he did a wiggle dance and started going towards them. I walked Ace to the couples car, They opened the door and he jumped in the back seat and sat straight up. The owners just kept on saying thank you and how grateful they were. They kept on saying, “He doesn’t bite”. I said I know, he was scared and nervous and I just held on to him hoping who ever owned him would come back. I told him what a beautiful and well behaved dog he was. While holding on to him I had 2 Men walk by and harass me. “He’s a killer, that’s what they are breed to be”. “He’ll turn on you, cause that’s what they do”. One man told me he raised them and that he knew about the breed, “They are bad and can turn on you at any time, that’s the breed, that’s how they are”. Needless to say I had a few choice words for all of them and some of them not nice and just told them to go away and shut up, they had no idea about the situation and needed to leave me alone. These are the people that mistreat these poor dogs and give them the label of, “Killers” and “Bad” dogs. I love this breed of dog and would trust them with my life and the lives of my family. I will fight and be the voice of this poor mistreated breed for the rest of my life and educate people and show the Haters, just how wonderful and special the Terrier breed of dogs can be if just given the chance.

  2. Very touching story.

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