Man Puts Child in Washing Machine [Video]

Man Puts Child in Washing Machine

Security camera’s captured a father putting a child into a washer machine as a joke.

A video that was uploaded to YouTube on May 11, 2012 shows a man and woman doing their laundry while their son plays in front of the machines.

The woman steps to the side to sort through clothes on a table, when the man picks up the child and puts him inside the machine and shuts the door.

According to the video posted on YouTube, the family was joking with the child about a sign on a washing machine that read, “Junior Wash $2.95.” The couple told the boy that they could wash him for that price and that’s when the father placed him inside the machine.

Once he shut the door, the machine starts to spin. Next you see the adults frantically trying to open the door of the machine. The woman starts to scream and clap for help, but no one comes to help.

Being desperate, they run to the back of the Laundromat and leave the child spinning around int he machine to find an employee to help. While they are gone, you can see the little boy’s white shoes being spun around and hitting the window at the front of the machine.

The couple returns with a Laundromat employee who moves two tables to unplug the machine at the back. When the machine doesn’t unlatch at that exact moment, the father begins to jump up and down in distress. The employee finally gets the machine to open and the video ends with the father grabbing the child from the machine and they run out.

According to the YouTube post, the boy suffered only minor injuries. It is unknown if the parents were charged with a crime related to this incident.

Child in Washing Machine

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