Lauren Odes Pics Revealed After Being Fired From Lingerie Company

Lauren Odes Bathrobe Picture

A 29 year old woman named Lauren Odes started working at a Lingerie business in Manhattan, New York but was fired in less than a week. The reason Lauren Odes was fired? Ms. Odes and her celebrity lawyer, Gloria Allred made the statement that Lauren was, “too hot for work.”

A press conference was held where Lauren Odes pics were revealed of her in a bath robe which she was requested to wear at work. The bath robe was definitely ridiculous and was to help her cover her big breasts.

Lauren Odes Press Conference

Above: Lauren Odes at Press Conference with Lawyer Gloria Allred

Below: Lauren showing what she wore to work the day she got fired and told to tape her breasts.

Lauren Odes Big Breasts

Ms. Odes said her manager recommended before giving her the bathrobe that she should, “try taping down your breasts to make them appear smaller.” Lauren replied to her boss, “Are you kidding me?” The supervisor replied to Lauren that she should, “just cover up a little more.” Other suggestions were, “Maybe you should wear your boyfriend’s T-shirt and sweatpants” as mentioned by the New York Post.

Not too much later Lauren was escorted over to a closet and suggested to put on a bright red bath robe and sit at her desk and wear it all day. Lauren said she, “felt ridiculous and extremely embarrassed.” After sitting in the bathroom with her bath robe Lauren decided to go out shopping to get new clothes for her data entry job at Native Intimates. When Lauren went out shopping to buy new clothes with the recommendation of a sweater that went down to her ankles, she was called on the phone and told she was terminated.

Charge of discrimination Lauren Odes

The famous lawyer Gloria Allred and Lauren Odes not only revealed pictures of the incident but also showed the Charge of Discrimination to the New York State Division of Human Rights. The complaint was filed against Lauren’s former employer, Native Intimates. It remains to be revealed what the amount that Lauren Odes will be suing Native Intimates for, “being too hot to work.”

What Lauren Odes videos below of interviews and the press conference:

Fired for being ‘too hot’

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  1. Uhm, she’s giving a big news conference and can’t speak clearly due to her “huge” tongue ring. Looks. like she has had lip enhancements too. I think it was totally planned from the beginning.

  2. Too hot? pft

    The guys at that company really need to get out more.

    • Indeed. Check out the expression of the female news anchor as her co-anchor reads off the lede.

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