Video of Will Smith Pushing & Slapping Reporter After Kiss

Will Smith Smacks Reporter

A Ukranian reporter in Moscow on May 18th, 2012 got more than he bargained for when he started hugging Will Smith and finally started kissing his neck. The kisses that Vitalii Sediuk landed on Will Smith’s neck were met with disgust and a light slap to to the reporters left cheek.

Watch the Will Smith Report Smacking Videos Below

The press event was a red carpet event for the up and coming Men In Black III movie that is Will Smith’s next expected hit movie for Summer 2012. The altercation didn’t continue after Will Smith moved onto other reporters while he kept his cool for the rest of the Men In Black Three red carpet event.

The reporter works for 1+1 and it seems to have started when the Vitalii Sediuk said to Will Smith, “Can I have a hug?” Will Smith awkwardly shakes his head and says yeah while giving a light hug and man tap to his shoulder. Mr. Sediuk pulled Mr. Smith in for the kissing and hugs and it all went down hill from there.

Will Smith Pushes Reporter Away

To be completely honest it was the type of kiss that people do when their politely meeting. It was the “kiss kiss” to the side of the face that you see foreign dignitaries do sometimes. However, when Will Smith got the second kiss and it was closer to his ear he extended his arms out and pushed Vitalii Sediuk away from him with a disgusted look. Then Will Smith smacks the reporter on his face with another grossed out look. Will Smith says, “What’s your problem man?” Some questioned whether it was a punch or hit to the face but it was definitely just a light warning smack that Mr. Sediuk probably deserved. Will Smith’s agents had nothing to say about the kiss and smack event.

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