Melissa Rycroft Bikini Body Shows Baby Weight Gone on In Touch Cover

Melissa Rycroft Show

Former Bachelor, Melissa Rycroft is showing off her new body after the baby on the cover of In Touch magazine.

Melissa Rycroft and husband, Tye Strickland had baby, Ava in February 2011. Like many other mothers, Melissa struggled with losing the baby weight. She gained 50 pounds during her pregnancy with Ava, but she also has lost the 50 pounds.

How did Melissa Rycroft lose the baby weight she put on?Melissa Rycroft Body After Baby

Melissa, 29-years old, tells In Touch magazine that she swapped out her dumbbells for her daughter. “I’ve got a natural weight right here. If I just hold her everywhere I go, I’m carrying an 18-pound load. The biceps and triceps that have come naturally are a blessing!”

She adds, “I can’t really go to the gym, so I have to find other ways. I always laughed when I heard women say, ‘Chasing after my child is my workout,’ but it’s definitely worked!”

Melissa says her other built-in calorie burners are; laundry, cleaning and pushing Ava around in their new LA neighborhood.

There is a nanny to help out if Melissa needs it. She told Celebrity Baby Scoop, “I have a babysitter that is on call if I need to go do a meeting. But the thing I’ve learned doing it out here by myself is that I kind of like doing it all. And I feel like I can do it all. I probably need more help and support, though. It’s probably all about succumbing to releasing some of the control. I’ve been reluctant to let go so far.”

Melissa Rycroft and Tye Strickland have their own reality TV show on CMT called Melissa and Tye. Ironically enough, the latest episode was about Melissa leaving Tye for a full day and him having to do her house chores. While Tye thinks it’s going to be easy, it turns out to be chaos.

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