Vin Diesel’s Mobile Home $1.1 Million Custom Trailer

Vin Diesel Trailer

Vin Diesel’s two story mobile home trailer has it all. He allowed cameras into his $1.1 million trailer to take a look.

It’s nothing compared to Will Smith’s mobile mansion worth $2 million which had to be removed from a New York street during the filming of Men in Black 3 after it got complaints from residents.

Vin Diesel’s two-story, 1,100 square foot motor home requires the power of a truck trailer to keep it mobile. Although, when Vin Diesel was on set in Puerto Rico for Fast and the Furious, it was shipped to him. Once it arrives at the location, the motor home’s roof pops up and the side walls slide out to make additional space.

In Vin Diesel’s mobile home, he has $70,00 worth of technology, including 3D flat screen TVs and Blu-Ray. Along with the technology comes a private office space and part of the upstairs turned into a play area for his kids. The kitchen even has granite counter tops.

Vin Diesel’s trailer mansion was created by Anderson Mobile Estates, who have built Will Smith, Vin Diesel, Brad Pitt, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Jim Carrey, Denzel Washington, Harrison Ford, Adam Sandler, Ice Cube, Charlie Sheen, Sylvester Stallone, Whitney Houston, Richard Gere, Jennifer Lopez, Sharon Stone, Penny Marshall, Micky Rourke, Shakira, New Kids on the Block, Clint Black, Oscar De La Hoya, and Former President Bill Clinton mobile home mansions.

Anderson Mobile Estates owner, Ron Anderson has been designing and building the mobile mansions for more than 35 years. As quoted on their website, one of his first high profile clients was Sylvester Stallone who challenged Ron to design and build a custom bus that could meet his unique taste. After successfully building Stallone’s custom coach, Ron decided to pursue others desiring custom high end buses.

Think about the gas it would cost to drive this mobile mansion around. One good thing is that the interest on an RV loan, as if any of the stars would need to take out a loan, but it’s like a mortgage and is tax deductible and viewed as a “2nd home.”

Vin Diesel Mobile Home

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