Fashion Trend? Magnetically & Surgically Connected iPods To Wrists [video]

iDermal iPod Magnet Surgery

Fashion trends come and go but one that just keeps continuing to find another innovation is in the piercing industry. A video on YouTube has gotten quite a bit of attention that has revealed a new body piercing trend that could be ready to take off.

Watch the full installation of the iDermal below

A Tattoo artist decided to do away with his watch band to keep his iPod on his wrist and instead surgically place magnets into his wrist so that his iPod is always connected to him, without a watch band. The video calls the finished procedure iDermal. The body piercer doing this to himself is named Dave Hurban.

Dave goes through the entire process and shows in the video exactly how he embeds the magnets into his skin. You can see a photo of what the magnets look like once they’re added under Dave’s skin below. There are four magnets installed under the skin to firmly hold the iPod in place of a band. The video is fairly graphic and does show bleeding in the process. The video was done for Dynasty Tattoo located in Newfield, New Jersey.

iDermal Body Piercing Magnets

On the Dynasty Tattoo website they don’t list Dave Hurban as an artist or piercer for the tattoo shop. The video was listed as being produced by Kaleidoscope Kreative and produced by Jesse Cornaglia & Robert Gaudiosi.

You’ll have to keep an eye out for this new iPod surgical trend coming to a club near you. Dave seems to be pretty happy with is handy work! You can watch the video of the iPod magent surgery below:

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