Facebook Stock Certificate Can Be Framed & Physically Owned After IPO

Facebook Stock Paper
While a lot of people want in on the Facebook IPO action and want to become shareholders of Mark Zuckerberg’s company, most will just get a digital share. If you ever wondered how to own a real physical paper Facebook stock, you’ll find out here. You can actually won a physical Facebook stock certificate if you want one as soon as the Facebook IPO is going on May 18th, 2012.

A company called Give A Share allows you to purchase a single Facebook stock certificate from them and have it framed. Most stock is now sold in electronic registrations and owned digitally but Facebook has approved paper stock certificates to be issued. The stock certificate for Facebook resembles the Apple Stock Certificate which has now become a collectors item.

Pixar stock certificates are also collectors items and have Steve Jobs signature stamped on the physical piece of paper. GiveAShare.com says that the Pixar certificates sell for $595.00 on different websites. That shows that you may be able to own a piece of history that is worth more than just the actual Facebook Stock price.

You can frame the stock certificate and hang it on your wall. At GiveAShare.com they allow you to customize your engraving plate and ideas have been shared like: “I Survived the Facebook IPO May 17th, 2012. Now I Own It!” and others like “Mark Zuckerberg Works For Me! Official Facebook Shareholder.”

The IPO price is expected to be around $28 to $35 for a share of Facebook during the IPO this Friday. With the added fees for acquiring the physical Facebook Certificate of Stock, frame and shipping it will cost you $39 in addition to the cost of your stock.

Example of a what a real Facebook Stock Certificate will look like below:

Facebook Stock Certificate

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