Emmelyn Roettger Teaches Us a Lesson on the Today Show: When You Have to Go, You Have to Go

Emmelyn Roettger Mensa

Three-year-old Emmelyn Roettger was accepted into Mensa as the youngest member with an IQ of 135. She was accepted into the club in March, aged two years and 11 months. In comparison, Albert Einstien had an IQ of 160.

Emmelyn Roettger’s curiosity began to grow more. By the time she was 15-months old, she was able to recognise letters and write them down. Shortly after her 2nd birthday, Emmelyn Roettger could write her name and count to 100.

Emmelyn Roettger Mensa

Paediatricians diagnosed her with “unspecified delays” and warned her parents that she might have autism. Her mother insisted that her daughter’s vision be tested and found the cause of her issues, poor eyesight.

Emmelyn Roettger’s mother, Michelle Horne, a former sixth grade teacher said, “It turned out that she just needed glasses! It was so obvious that any delays she had were vision-related. From there on out, she just took off.”

The genius child, Emmelyn Roettger appeared on the NBC Today Show with her parents on Friday, May 11, 2012 and proved to us that she is still a child, genius or not.

At first, Emmelyn Roettger was more interested in looking at herself in the camera, waving and sticking her tongue out, rather than answering Today Show host, Natalie Morales’ questions about the solar system.

In the Today Show interview with Emmelyn Roettger, she started to say “My belly hurts,” after answering a few questions about natural science. Then she added, “I have to go poop!”

Natalie Morales said to Emme, “Oh, sweetie. Oh no, too many doughnuts maybe in the greenroom, that’s not good.”

Once Emme didn’t get the attention she needed, she was going to take care of it herself and started to try and remove her microphone. She stated, “Take this off me!”

After a few times of saying, “I have to go poop” the Today Show finally decided to go to break, but before they were able to Emme exclaims, “Take me know!”

Watch the Today Show interview with Emmelyn Roettger:

Emmelyn Roettger, “I have to poop!”

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  1. Even smart people have to poop.

  2. wow that is ridiculous, let the kid go to the bathroom!!!!!! You act like she’s an animal on Johnny Carson.

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