Ocean Blob Creature From The Deep Sea Puzzles Experts, Oceaneering Quiet

Mystery Ocean Blog

A company called Oceaneering has a video that has gone loose and almost viral as experts try to figure out what is moving in the deep ocean. The bizarre ocean blob has been called everything from a whale placenta, jellyfish, fishing net or even an ET or extra terrestrial animal.

Full Ocean Blob Video Below

The video is tagged with deep sea diving information surrounding the video like, “Dive Number: 135” and a recording date of April 25th, 2012. The original video that was released on YouTube has been closed and made private. Now there is a couple more videos floating around with one being 36 seconds long and the other 6 minutes and 29 seconds. One of the original videos still remains on the website LiveLeak.com as well.

Ocean Blob Appendages

The video has a company logo insignia on the bottom left hand corner that reads Oceaneering. The company’s webpage says, “Oceaneering is a global oilfield provider of engineered services and products, primarily to the offshore oil and gas industry, with a focus on deepwater applications. Through the use of its applied technology expertise, Oceaneering also serves the defense and aerospace industries.” The company is even traded on the NYSE under Oceaneering International, Inc NYSE: OII with a current price of 49.46 and after hours trading at 49.75.

Ocean Alien Organs

The most plausible explanation to most people is that the ocean blog is a whale placenta. The theories on the mystery whale placenta get fuzzy however when all of the lined and odd shaped markings are seen in the video. The ocean monster seems to churn, turn and twist at will as the video and light shine on it.

Ocean Blob Organs

The website Snopes has it’s own experts that believe it’s a fishing net or fabric that is floating around. It doesn’t seem to be fabric or a fishing net however due to the ocean blob organs that show themselves as it twists open a folded up underside showing white textured pieces. Still, one commenter says, “The hexagonal grid that’s highly visible from around 1:45-2:00 makes me think that it’s a fishing net.” Another commenter named Richard W goes on to speculate that it just may be CGI or another Hollywood film being planned, “Although those white bits and the structure at the end are a little weird. Maybe CGI after all? Isn’t James Cameron planning another underwater adventure film?”

Ocean Mystery Organs

Mystery Ocean Blob Organs

Deep Ocean Monster Tentacle

Either way this one sure is a mystery at this point. The ocean mystery blob or jellyfish is something people can’t decide on. Now everyone is waiting for Oceaneering to explain where the mystery ocean animal was filmed. With the organs and tentacles that are shown near the end it certainly seems to debunk the idea that it’s simply a fishing net. It starts to seem more of an ocean alien floating around the deep sea.

Cascade Creature

Underwater camera captures a mysterious object

Creature could be a jellyfish – but it appears to have organs.

It could be a discarded whale placenta – but it has strange markings

It could be a fishing net – but it seems to move under its own control.
A mysterious ocean ‘blob’ has been recorded by a deep-sea remote-controlled underwater camera.

The creature looks like nothing seen before, with speculators suggesting it is everything from a jellyfish to the remains of a whale placenta.

While, at a quick glance, the description of a jellyfish makes sense, the creature has organs and appendages never spotted on a jellyfish before.

Meanwhile it could be a whale placenta, but if that is the case then the hexagonal shapes on the skin are a mystery.

If it is a jellyfish, it might be a Stygiomedusa Gigantea. This type of jellyfish – which can grow up to six metres in length – has only been spotted 114 times in 110 years, so details on it are scant.

But again, the appendages get in the way.

Another suggestion is Deepstaria Enigmatica, another rarely-studied jellyfish, which like most of its kind is colourless, but has been reported to have a brown stomach, with one description saying the passages to the stomach are ‘somewhat irregular-edged, forming a reticulate network’.

This might explain the hexagonal markings on the top of the creature.

Those markings lead one commentator on the website Snopes – which tries to debunk or confirm rumours – to suggest this is simply nothing more than a fishing net.

But again, the appendages get in the way.

Mysterious Blob Filmed In The Deep Ocean (Cascade Creature)

18 Comments on "Ocean Blob Creature From The Deep Sea Puzzles Experts, Oceaneering Quiet"

  1. I would go with the guy who claims that the viewing device is an ROV and the appearant movement by the object looked like water was being moved to flow by it. And I think the guy is correct about the nature of what that object is. But don’t the people running this ocean based technology “Oceaneering” inc. or LLC don’t they employ any effing scientists who would know whether that object was a whale placenta or no?They don’t don’t obviously give a fuc*

  2. Hey guys and gals! I feel that I may be of some assistance to this conversation. I work in the deep water offshore oil business and am offshore a lot. I see these ROVs all of the time and have watched many hours of ROV operations. Let’s hit some high points.
    This is an oceaneering work class ROV on a drilling operation for petrobras
    It is looking at a drilling riser at a depth of approx 5000 ft
    It is ascending when it passes this blob
    The blob moves away and then returns, probably due to the passage of the ROV and the vortex created by its passage and thrusters. These ROVs are very powerful and are bigger than a large suv, they move a lot of water
    Later most of the movement you see of the blob is due to the thrusters of the ROV trying to keep station in front of the blob.
    As far as this being a fishing net it also is not, fishing nets are not parachutes, they are a web to allow the passage of water through through the net and catch fish, this would be the worst net ever.
    I believe the placenta or no longer living organic tissue theory as it just appears to be floating along on the current. The tentacle at the end look like the point where is was joined to the uterus of the original animal.
    You see some crazy things with these ROVs and this is not the wildest I’ve seen.

  3. People saying this is a “fishing net” is as absurd as those that say it’s swamp gas or a weather balloon, when it is CLEARLY something else! I’ve never seen a whale placenta, but would accept that as a more educated guess than a fishing net. There is so much we don’t know (but think we do) about our Planet and the deep, vast sea.You oceanographers keep speculating-your info is interesting and worth reading. Those that still think the world is flat…just shut up and go back to your Reality TV!

  4. It looks like a placenta that has been stretched thin and washed out by the ocean waves. The so called tentacles look like where it would have been attached to the uterus and has a remnant of an umbilical cord showing. It was not moving on it’s own. It looked to be floating on the ocean’s currents and in response to the movement of the camera that will inadvertently cause water movement causing the placenta to move.

  5. this is some kind of plant-animal. It uses it’s huge “wing”span to float around, to catch micro organisms and maybe even sunlight although it’s suggested that this is well below the 200m depth mark.. so that leaves us with chemotrophs. It also looks like a mix between a sea cucumber and a giant mushroom. Actually maybe just a sea cucumber with a large “fin”? Which it uses to float across the oceans like a deep sea sailor or pirate?
    Remember that giant octopus they captured on tape with deep sea drilling a while back? One thing’s for sure james cameron is jealous as f***.

  6. Deep Stroke | May 12, 2012 at 9:38 pm | Reply

    This is some new s*** reality has introduced, there’s much more down there folks. Stop trying to explain what it is as something we’ve seen before.

  7. Most of the motion that I saw was clearly from the thrusters of the ROV. We really had no indication of independent movement. We saw translucent hexagonal lines so it cannot be a fishing net, as they are an open weave. You can’t catch stuff in something that is solid. The dual organs, reminiscent of vertebrate fish claspers was certainly not just random trash like a plastic bag. Many tunicates have hexagonal designs on the tunic, and some are pelagic and thin, and they are all quite complex organisms in the phyla Chordata — the precursor to the vertebrates. To me, that is the closest thing I can think of. This is fun.

    • On second thought, since I have never seen a whale placenta, I can certainly see how this could be one. At the very end, as the cord appears, I can see what they mean. And since this is quite large, in comparison to the equipment shown in the beginning, I think my tunicate idea may be far off the mark.

  8. Lothar King of the Hillpeople | May 11, 2012 at 8:06 pm | Reply

    I for one, welcome our underwater jelly overlords.

  9. What ever it is, I like it. It does seem to be alive and I hope it is. What a wonderful world.

  10. I think it’s a coelenterate similar to a jellyfish. One sees that hexagonal pattern in coral (also coelenterata) , and it’s repeated a lot in nature. It also seems to have a smooth consistency, rather than holes. Wish we knew how big it is! Its motion does remind me of a nudibranch but form follows function. If it’s a hoax, it’s a good one, and if not, it’s an interesting problem. Yay for interesting problems!

  11. How about a type of nudibranch? The spanish dancer is similar yet much smaller. Id there a size associated with the creature?

  12. Maybe it’s a weather balloon. Or a flock of geese through a thermocline. Or a crashed zeppelin

  13. Wow,
    Now THAT is too cool for school. A really truly U L F (Unidentified Life Form

  14. Well boys, if that’s a fishing net then its pretty d@mn weird and must be set on seek and destroy. First off it seems to have mobility not due to some sea currents. Having taken a fair bit of marine biology in Uni, I would say a jelly fish is exactly what it is, or a slightly higher phyla perhaps. Those appendages look like reproductive organ to me… gonads that is.
    Looks like the rise of the jelly fish has started! Thanks to our pollution of the oceans, creating anoxic dead zones, we may be seeing more of these little fellas.
    How appropriate it seems to have been filmed about an oil drill pipe, one of the main causes of global warming.
    go solar now and get ahead of this fossil curve before we all choke on our own hydrocarbons.

  15. That is NOT a fishing net. You people are f**king crazy. Look at those organs and that arm that reaches out in the videos. Aliens are among us.

    • Clifton Harrington | May 10, 2012 at 9:05 pm |

      Great Scott Mr. Terry M you are an absolute lunatic. It’s obvious it’s a fishing net. Take your tinfoil hat and go hide in a cave. Seriously, people like you scare me for our future.

    • To Clifton: how does it feel to know an “absolute lunatic” gets a higher rating than you and probably has a more believable explanation?

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