Earthquakes in Texas 3.7, Indiana 3.1 & Oklahoma 3.9 Magnitudes Today [video]

It seems that for the midwestern United States it was a busy day for earthquakes as multiple earthquakes rattled off throughout the midwest. On May 10th, 2012 there were three earthquakes in the midwest big enough to report on and to be felt.

The first earthquake for 5/10/2012 was in Texas coming from an epicenter 2km West of Timpson, Texas at 15:15:38 or 10:15am. The Nearby cities listed by the USGS Earthquakes Hazard site were:

  • 2km (1mi) W from Timpson, Texas
  • 39km (24mi) NNE from Nacogdoches, Texas
  • 45km (27mi) SE from Henderson, Texas
  • 68km (42mi) NNE from Lufkin, Texas
  • 350km (217mi) WNW from Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Texas Earthquake May 10 2012

Reports from news stations in Texas like Channel 7 KLTV said there were damages and provided some video from people in the area. One person in the East Texas earthquake told the station, “I walked out and noticed that part of the edge of the house, the north-facing end, the bricks actually cracking. You can see the bricks broke in half, so it’s pretty bad.”

People in East Texas and surrounding areas took to Twitter to talk to other people about the TX Earthquake:




About six hours later on May 10th, 2012 a 3.9 magnitude Earthquake in Oklahoma registered with the USGS. The time of the OK Earthquake was at 21:14:31 UTC or 4:14pm in Central Standard Time. The nearby cities listed in the Oklahoma Earthquake were:

  • 9 km (5 miles) SSE (157°) from Sparks,OK
  • 10 km (6 miles) NW (304°) from Prague, OK
  • 11 km (7 miles) ENE (66°) from Meeker, OK
  • 68 km (42 miles) E (85°) from Oklahoma City, OK
  • 305 km (189 miles) N (0°) from Dallas, TX

Oklahoma Earthquake May 10 2012

News reports from all stations in Oklahoma reported that there was no damage or injuries from this quake. One person commented on News 9 in Oklahoma, “I swear I thought there was an earthquake around 3pm. I felt it twice.”

Harold Asmis on an amateur website said about the Oklahoma Earthquake, “This thing has produced a heck of a lot of aftershocks compared to something like Virginia. At some point, we can’t even call them aftershocks any more.”As usual, people took to Twitter during and after the earthquake tremblor in central Oklahoma too:


Not too long after the Oklahoma Earthquake Indiana experienced two earthquakes in a 60 minute timeframe. The USGS reported a 2.7 magnitude earthquake 8 miles West North West of Bicknell, IN and next to these nearby cities:

  • 14km (8mi) WNW from Bicknell, Indiana
  • 16km (9mi) NNE from Vincennes, Indiana
  • 30km (18mi) NW from Washington, Indiana
  • 66km (41mi) NW from Jasper, Indiana
  • 154km (95mi) SW from Indianapolis, Indiana
Indiana Earthquake May 10 2012

The first Indiana quake was recorded at 22:07:19 UTC or 6:07pm CST on 4/10/12. The next earthquake hit Indiana around 22:54:05 or 6:54pm CST as a 3.1 magnitude very near the same location. The tweets were rolling out pretty fast out of Indiana as people went to see if other people knew about the trembler in IN.



Indiana’s Channel 13 WTHR reported on the two quakes in this report.  The report interviewed a professor of Geology: “Dr. Michael Hamburger, a professor of Geology at Indiana University, says an earthquake of that size happens in Indiana or Illinois “a couple of times a year.” He says a magnitude 3.1 is large enough to be felt by people in the region of the event, but not big enough to cause property damage.” No damage has been reported in Indiana either but the outbreak of earthquakes in the midwest is quite unusual.

Many East Texans felt the earthquake’s rattles video:

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  1. This is NOT normal. Three different states in the midwest having earthquakes within hours? The New Madrid fault is waking up. Get ready for the big one people, something is starting the fire in the earth.

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