Sheryl Crow Forgot Her Song Lyrics to Soak Up The Sun

Sheryl Crow Forgot Lyrics

Sheryl Crow forgot her own lyrics to the famous song ‘Soak Up The Sun’.

While performing in St. Petersburg, Florida on Saturday, May 5, 2012 Sheryl Crow forgot the words to her song. Midway singing, “I can’t afford his gas. So I’m stuck here watching TV,” she completely forgets the words. Sheryl Crow played it like a pro and said, “Oh, what’s the words?” she said, midway through the song. “It’s live! Nothing on tape here!”

We all have those type of moments, and you can hear the audience trying to help her along by singing along. “I don’t have digital. I don’t have diddly squat.”

The band continued to play on and she sang along of what she could and added, “I’m 50. What can I say!? My brain has gone to s—!”

At least now it’s known that when you pay for a Sheryl Crow concert that you aren’t paying for lip-syncing.

Unfortunetely for Sheryl Crow forgetting her lyrics, a fan caught it all on video.

Sheryl Crow Forgets Lyrics

She didn’t mention anything about it on her Twitter when she sent a tweet about posting pictures of the concert to Facebook. She tweeted “A Taste Of Pinellas, St. Petersburg Florida” Facebook photo album link.

Sheryl Crow’s hit song “Soak Up The Sun” was first released in March 2002.

Sheryl Crow is currently on tour across the country for most of the summer, so she’ll have plenty of chances to redeem herself for her little Florida flub.

Late last month Sheryl Crow ran her first half-marathon in Nashville as part of the St. Jude Country Music Half Marathon. She was raising money for New Hope Academy and finished in 1:59:14.


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