Poker? I Hardly Know Her: How the West was Won

Wild West VS Online

The good ole wild west would be nothing without cowboys, guns, hard liquor, women in lace, and of course –  poker. This day and age we “westerners” would be nothing without gamers, joysticks, beer, Megan Fox, and online poker. The future has proved to be far less dangerous, but also far less glamorous.’s new infographic takes a look at poker then and now. The hilarious contrasts and comparisons make you long for old John Wayne movies and a time when life was simpler yet somehow not so easy.

What would the cowboys say if they saw us sitting in front of our computer screen at two in the morning chasing beer with Red Bull, cussing out avatars, shaking out our hand cramps like big babies, and taking Olympic style pee breaks in order to get back to our spinny chairs before our next turn? Nothing, we would simply be shot for being yellow bellies. Lucky for us we realized back in 1997 that all them fancy cowboys were long gone, thanks to Paula Cole. Now poker face is a song not a strategy – because your avatar buddies can’t see your face! And mastering online Texas Hold Em’, and wearing our sunglasses upside down is cool. Though you probably have no need to wear your glasses upside down, I guarantee you someone is all alone in front of their computer following this very trend.

While the infographic is a bit harsh on our late night poker players, it’s hard to be cooler than the cowboys of the west. What do we have on the cowboys? Well, our winnings are far greater, and we don’t have to resort to betting our horse when times are tough. With online poker, cheating is “virtually” impossible, and our biggest concern is whether we have enough energy drank to get us through the night, whereas they had to worry about getting shot at any given moment. We also have a few more secret weapons: while they relied on intuition and cards up their sleeve, we have real time analytics and multiple monitors so we can play more than one table. Not too shabby gamers, not too shabby. Wild West vs Online
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