800-pound Bride, Susanne Eman Wants Break World Record

Susanne Eman 800 Pound Bride

Brides usually want to eat as little as possible to fit into their wedding dress before their big day. That’s not the case for bride-to-be Susanne Eman.

Susanne Eman is not concerned about weighing 800-pounds, she’s excited to see how much more she can gain. On average, Susanne Eman eats 30,000 calories a day. She has a life goal to become the fattest woman in the world. The woman who currently holds the title is Rosalie Bradford, who weighed 1,200 pounds, but died in 2006.

Susanne Eman is on her way to breaking the record of being fitted for the world’s largest wedding dress. It’s going to be a chore for her seamstress, Judy Goff.

Inside Edition went with Susanne Eman when her sister Cassie took her to the seamstress to get measured for her wedding dress. Before they went, there was a stop at Carl’s Jr. for a snack.

When she arrived at the seamstress, she started to eat her $50 of food which consisted of three guacamole bacon cheeseburgers, two orders of chili cheese fries, nine tacos, a chocolate shake and a large Coke.

Susanne Eman told her seamstress, “I like an off-whitish, not completely white. Because if I wear completely white, I guarantee I’m going to spill something on it.” She added, “I want to go sleeveless because it’s going to be summer time.”

Judy Goff measured the 800-pound bride and her waist size measured at 107 and-a-half inches. That’s nine feet around.

Seamstress Judy Goff said, “Okay, we have about 15 feet here and we need 45 feet, so about three times this amount to complete her dress.”

Her sister, Cassie, who will be her maid of honor, was all choked up seeing Susanne Eman try on different veils, “Oh my God, I can’t wait to see her in the actual dress.”

You might be wondering, so who’s the lucky guy? His name is Parker Clack and he’s a 35-year-old chef she met online.  Susanne Eman told Inside Edition, “Oh, he’s wonderful. He loves to cook. That helps out. His food is soooo good.”

800 Pound Bride

Photo Credit: Inside Edition

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  1. I wonder if she float or sinks into ocean.

  2. This is digusting. Why would someone think they are healthy when they weigh 800 pounds. I hope her future husband has life insurance taken out on her because she will be dying soon.

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