Japanese Futaba Mayor Refused Radiation Test While Hair Falls Out & Having Nosebleeds

Losing My Hair Having Nosebleeds

As the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster begins to take it’s toll, people are starting to come out in the open and make shocking claims. The mayor of Futaba, Katsutaka Idogawa, is pleading to the public and now to the Constitutional Committee of the House of Councillors, The National Diet of Japan.

Town members and even the mayor have apparently been denied blood tests to see how bad they are contaminated with radiation. The Fukushima Medical University is denying these people tests either because they don’t want them to know how bad off they are or they are trying to cover the situation up.

The person that read the statement for the Mayor of Futaba is named Ms. Yamatani Eriko (Real name: Ogawa Eriko) and she is with the Liberal Democratic party. Ms. Yamatani Eriko was elected in 2004 and 2010. The video is in Japanese but it has been translated by Fukushima Diary.

Ms. Yamatani from The Liberal Democratic Party reads interview with Idogawa, Futaba town mayor.

“I asked Japanese prime minister Noda, if he thinks Futaba citizens are Japanese people, but Japanese government submit SPEEDI data to US and concealed it from Japanese people. Even now, SPEEDI data is not given to Futaba town.

If we have had that information, we would have escaped to Sendai. We were not even informed of venting. Tepco also explained they would stop, cool down, and close the reactor in case of an accident, so it’s absolutely safe, but Fukushima accident happened. We don’t even have a place to live.
Radiation took schools, hospitals, jobs, and everything from us and everything is collapsed.
I’m losing my hair and have nosebleed everyday. The other day, I asked for blood test at a hospital in Tokyo because I’m exposed but they refused it. We were even exposed and there is even no treatment, or proper inspection. Medical check up for Fukushima citizens are not detailed enough either.”

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Idogawa Futaba town mayor refused blood test in Tokyo

We’ve provided a map of the area of Futaba and where it’s at in Japan:

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